I don't care if they have to fire the whole football side of this organization;

I don't care what changes they have to make;

I don't care if you go to the games and boo, you paid for your ticket you have that right;

Don't ask me not to go to games;

I will always be a season ticket holder and I will demand better...BUT


I agree with most of it...

I'll never boycott, refuse to go because we're a laughing stock... etc.

However giving up on a season is different than giving up on a team.

Threats of boycotts are for losers.

In a strange way watching a team bottom-out makes the remaining games compelling.
Who goes , who stays, who really cares about competing and who are the passengers just collecting paycheques?

I agree....but I think we will continue to see more and more Mickey sightings at the games. As the team does more poorly, more of the hard stuff is required to assist in helping ease the pain. When will Compass start selling containers again?

I ,myself, will be using my barnoculars to watch the action on the field a little more closely than normal. All in hopes of really seeing who has talent on this team and who needs to end up like Craig Yeast.

We have an owner that clearly cares about the fans and the Tiger Cats success in Hamilton—thus, there is no way ANYONE should be talking about boycotting the team.

We are very lucky, and we shouldn’t forget that.

Again, though, don’t ever stifle the booing when deserved. That keeps everyone honest.

I will continue to support the team.


I will go to the game. I bought the tickets. I won't likely give them away because - and this is honest - I don't want people to see a bad performance and decide against the 'Cats as a form of entertainment. I take people with me, or give away a ticket or two, during a good season.

On the other hand, I really don't care about the rest of the season. My passions are spent. I tried to get excited during the one TD series which we had in Sask. but even that bit of passion which I allowed myself only turned to anger shortly after. I actually felt stupid for allowing myself to think there was a little hope.

I'm too old to and have seen too much to allow myself to be continuously angry or frustrated over something like football. There ARE so many more important things in this world.

So I've turned down my internal 'fan-o-meter' and will wait out the season and - very very likely - approach next season with great skepticism. Too many times being burned over the last few years.

I'm still a fan and always will be- but I want to keep a healthy heart. My passions will be going elsewhere for a while until my team returns. They don't have to win it all but they do have to provide a minor display of competency on the field.

Go Cats Go

The TiCats are beyond a toasted season;
they are beyond becoming a laughing stock;

The biggest thing I fear when I see games like Saturday, or the 29-0 debacle vs. Winnipeg... how many people are tuning in their TV for the first time, and this is their initial exposure to the league? Gimme a break.

If that's the best Hamilton could do, they might as well have sent Saskatchewan a concession fax and saved a pile of wasted money on airfare & hotels.

Oh I havent Given up on the cats no not at all, The Players gave up on the fans and they also gave up on the Cats.

When this team gets turned around, a game ticket will be a pretty hot item. So hang in there, folks. Maybe 2006 is toast, but 2007 will be caviar !