Never Before Seen in K-W!

A whole section on the 'Cats today. Lots of stuff by Drew and some others.

Ummm.... in the KW Record paper, I should add. Sorry. :oops:

No online link as it's a special section.

One of the houses that backs onto Bridge St West in Waterloo flies a TiCats flag during the season. Yesterday I saw a car at Davenport & Northfield with a car flag. Tigertown invaded KW awhile ago.

it wont last lng next year the cats come back where they belong then lets see how many kw car flaging fans there are

A significant amount of revenue comes into the team from outside Hamilton city limits. It's not just Hamilton's team.

Over 50% actually. Bang on Ockham! The Tiger Cats are a regional team just like Mitchell & Young have been trying to say for years!

I couldn't remember what the number is but I knew it was a lot. My car flag isn't the only one to be seen driving down Highway 6 for games.

Back window decals of our TiCat family including feline & canine is the way we roll here in Bton!

The guy on bridge has bin flyin it since 2001! its great to see more ticat fans in the KW area :cowboy: