Never Alone Social

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone went to this last year because I am going tomorrow but I dont know what to expect. Gates open at 4 but the game starts at 6 so what is going on the 2 hours before?

i went last year. it wasn't great, cause it started pouring and would have probably been more fun if we went with a big group of people. the rain stopped eventually but everything was all wet. you have to go for yourself and see. watching the game on the jumbo-tron was pretty neat haha. have a good time though!

Well its not suposed to rain tonight so I think we're fine there.

Hello! % posting here from N.Ireland.

I do hope you enjoy the game & your experience of Hamilton!

I have just recently aquired a North American sports Channel which seems to have a lot of CFL on it so i willl be watching the match myself.I have placed a rather large wager on the Bluebombers at EVEN money so i hope the defence remains firm. :wink:

Excuse my ignorance as i havent watched the NFL for quite a while but i notice there doesn't seem to be any 4th downs in the CFL,is that something that is exclusive to Canada or has that been introduced into the sport in general?

It certainly makes the sport more watchable IMO as there is more happening outthere!

Good Luck!


ya there are only 3 downs in the CFL, NFL still has 4.

better that way, teams have more possession.

UNless your Toronto or Hamilton! LOL!

Only joking!

Now can someone explain this 1 point for a punt carry on!

What exactly does the kicker have to do to get a point?


has to kick it out of bounds in the opositions endzone, or tackle the player with the ball in the endzone on a punt return. Or they can take a knee...