Neutral site games

Tonight's CFL exhibition game in Guelph between the Tiger-Cats and Argonauts has me thinking. Should the CFL play more pre-season games in neutral site locations? It seems to me an easy way to expand your footprint. Plus, you get the added benefit of playing in smaller but fuller university stadiums vs. larger but emptier home stadiums.


I'd do regular season games. BC is in Calgary twice this year. Maybe have one of those games in Lethbridge or whatever Alberta city can handle it. (Fort McMurray)

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Strictly for marketing and promotion sake,

Edm vs Cal happens 4x.

Why not put one game up in Fort Mac, or see what they could do in Red Deer.

The league would probably have to subsidize the revenues.

Or make all preseason games in "neutral site games"
SK could play in Saskatoon, training camp is already there.
Winnipeg could play in Brandon, or Thunder Bay?

Try to expand out and give a small reward to fans that may not be in the city of the team.


Maybe all teams should have a City not too far away for their home game - Ottawa/Kingston, Toronto/Guelph, Hamilton /London, Montreal/Quebec City etc.


I agree, take the pre season on the road and showcase the league to areas that don’t have a franchise.


Agreed. It would be best if the home market fans could make a fairly easy road trip to the neutral site. Have a 50/50 to benefit the local USport and/or CJFL team.

Kingston would be a fun place to host preseason matches featuring any two of Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal games.


Sounds like a great idea to me.

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Definitely there should be a big deal about the neutral site games for pre season for sure .

Market them as precursors to a possible new expansion team or cement the region that already exists it works for both .

Ottawa going to a home in Kingston new stadium is a great idea .

Montreal in Quebec City or anywhere else in the province .

BC the same .... . Northern Ontario for a one of ... .

The whole country Newfoundland one game . They could do a lot with a minor structure stadium and nice backdrop for TV viewing .

Really Canada it up every year in a new tradition maybe a Canada Day special or with a new city every year to start the season .

Play it up with TV viewers as a tradition .

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