NETFLIX shopping for Sports Broadcast Rights


One more choice for the CFL to shop their product to as a partner even for a game of the week .... .

simulcast most likely with shared rights .


If Netflix purchase the CFL rights, it fulfills it's CanCon obligation. This might create leverage for the CFL in any type of negotiations it has with ESPN and TSN down the road. Go get that money Genius


Somehow I just can't see the CFL having the brains or the guts to move on something like this.

They would move if the price is more than what it gets from ESPN and TSN combined. Netflix is desperate for live sports events and has to catch up with Amazon, Apple+ or they become irrelevant among media platforms


If Disney continues to implode ESPN will look like TMC in less than two years. Disney just announced layoffs after showing losses of 1.5 billion for the quarter, 39 percent drop in valuation (25 billion). It would be wise for the CFL to diversify its broadcasting rights...


The current agreement with TSN runs until the end of 2025...

Which they will extend again instead of shopping around.

Undervalued as the CFL is for TSN.


Sad isn't it like trapped rat on a sticky pad .

Nobody is pointing a gun to the CFLs head when it comes to negotiating tv deals.

Unless the CFL truly believes that TSN cares about them and there's no other partners out there for them (CBC, Global, CTV really need to step up).

There is something that keeps them from just seeing the open market first ...

nobody says don't give it to TSN if they are the best option

but to not actually see what other offers are out there since the Argos ownership change

is pretty much the smoking gun .

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Netflix owning the CFL rights could be a huge opportunity to grow interest in the CFL Could do a series like "Last Chance U"


It would and They can share the rights ...

the CFL does not need exclusive deals other leagues allow multi
platforms for the same game

let alone different game rights .


Alternatively, Bell can sub lease/sell the rights to a streaming company just like DAZN does to Bell for the purpose of Sunday Ticket.


But, I'm talking about the US media rights. TSN is on the clock if the CFL finds a new partner with much interest in the product and promotes it true and fairly

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Wow! Thank you for this great post!

I wrote recently that this was a natural development for Netflix given their reach and broad audience, and as a new subscriber for free only a few weeks ago I use it more than any other platform already.

I did not expect to hear about this so soon though until they landed an actual league.

Paramount+ is heavy in sports yet playing catch up on new content because all the CBS and older Paramount fare only goes so far let alone the far more dated nature of most content now prior to even the start of the pandemic in 2020.

The other successful streaming platforms, often also free for a limited time or that pay for themselves, are in a similar situation with regards to new content and involvement in sports including Tubi, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and Hulu.

The audiences are already there for these platforms be they general or niche, so naturally you go to them as a sports league or entertainment promotion instead of having to draw them anew to a channel or network.

That reality now in our streaming reality is not new business reality and is Sales 101 - you go sell where the people are starving already.

Some of you may have heard the Tale of the Most Successful Hot Dog Vendor before in your experience, and it's the very same principle.

The guy who places his hot dog cart where the people around are the hungriest will do the best no matter whatever other advantage a competitor elsewhere will have.


Sooner or will move to the new streaming distribution model, or die. It's where the CFL is crapping the bed right now.
They need a younger leader that understands and can lead them into a new age of streamed distribution. Partners? Yes but partners for worldwide, non geofenced distribution.
Expat's across the world can watch and if you want to gain fans......

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Look what NETFLiX has done for Formula ONE. F1 has been trying to establish a market in the US for sixty years, even went many years without a single Grand Prix in the biggest automotive sports market on the planet. Next year, somoeone told me they will be holding not one, not two but THREE! GP races in the US. That F1 series on Netflix created a young and vibrant fanbase in the US for F1. NASCAR is still king but there is room in the US for more than one organization.


The CFL should move to streaming sites anyway. The sooner the better. People are cutting the cord. I'm leaning towards doing that.

Ambrosie is doing an okay job. People should let him do it instead of piling on him when something bad happens. Bettman had 3 lockout under his watch and people ignore that


Right in line as you summarize so well and perhaps as you have also read, here's the WSJ report that inspired many other articles on the matter.

WSJ online is behind a paywall like that article from Variety, but the WSJ article is usually accessible free the first time.

Additionally, in an effort to bypass the ever-escalating costs of bidding for sports rights, Netflix executives have had discussions about buying lower-profile leagues, people familiar with the discussions said. The company late last year was in talks to buy the World Surf League, but negotiations fell apart because the two organizations couldn’t reach an agreement on a price, people familiar with the potential deal said.

Some Netflix executives believe that given the size of its platform, Netflix could turn lesser-known sports like surfing into big franchises, and create new sporting tournaments or events, the people said.

I don't see any reason why Genius would not be having discussions with Netflix given the aforementioned reality plus Netflix does not have to answer to the NFL unlike its five principle US media partners.

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