Hall has already said he's going to be DC and HC in Edmonton. I don't know what other position would be available there.

It's now Monday morning and there is still NOTHING about anyone being fired on the CJOB website, the FP website, the TSN website or the Sportsnet website. The same is also true regarding the Bombers asking permission to speak to anyone with the Riders. The Sun is still the only one reporting this. I think we should be taking these Sun reports with a big dose of salt until an announcement is either made by the Bombers or at least one other media outlet reports on it as well.

Looks like the Sun got a real scoop here: Nelson and Campbell's names have been removed from the "Coaching Staff" page at the Bomber's site.

Finally some confirmation! It's still strange that no else reported it.

I have to agree. . it's really strange no other media picked up on it.

Mind you the Bombers didn't make it easy for them to pick up. . . even though the 2 names have now been deleted from the team website, the team does not seem to have made any official announcement of their dismissal, by way of press release or anything of the kind. . . not even a 'thanks for a job well done.'

Since when has a lack of an official announcement stopped the Winnipeg media from reporting something.

It's not just the Winnipeg media. . . yes CJOB and FP seem to have missed it, but so too have TSN and Sportsnet. . .

Dare I even begin to dream that some of the loose lips in Bomberland are being sealed?

....seems they forgot about this Kirk Penton guys friend...or whoever is feeding him inside info....maybe it's Naylor... :wink:

Don't think it's Naylor. He's on a bit of a cold streak right now.