according to a report in todays winnipeg sun, lapolice wasted little time in firing nelson and campbell.

in a related note, dyce and harris have been asked to stick around and the bombers have contacted current sask qb coach james carressi(sp???) im going on memory here.

seriously cant make this stuff up

PENTON, not friesen reported this in saturdays print version of the winnipeg sun.

my thoughts are they want guys with character, strangely enough rumors circulated that dyce and harris were not allowed in the lockerroom meetings last year, everyone else was. The bombers dont want guys associated with a guy who beat a woman, they want guys who are assoicated with, well, familly. MACKS A FAMILLY MAN, LAPOLICE IS, DYCE IS, HARRIS IS…

personally, i saw this move coming as i feel you need to let your coach just the guys he wants to go to war with. just has to be that way.

motivators, teachers, guys with character and integrity. Not saying nelson or campbell didnt have, but… when you are associated with the cancer that was mike kelly (and i was a fan LOL) u gotta go.

2010 should be interesting.

bombers are moving in the right direction.

im interested to see who else lapolice contacts…

maybe khari jones. maybe rich stubler… i dunno just throwing out possible names.

strangely enough rumors circulated that dyce and harris were not allowed in the lockerroom meetings last year
Not just rumours, man. Didn't know about Dyce, but I was told by Richard Harris that he was not allowed to attend team meetings last year. This was just after the Barrin Simpson incident.

I'm glad Nelson's outta there. He was joined at the hip with Kelly (going back to Kelly's stint at Valdosta). After Kelly was fired it came out that some of the veterans (the few of them that are left) were pissed off because they felt that Kelly and Nelson were playing "their guys" rather than the players who were performing best.

Not all that surprised, there was a clear line drawn last year with the coaching staff as to who were Kelly's boys and who weren't. Dyce and Harris were in the weren't club.

…Too bad about Nelson…LaPolice definitely wants his own guys…and you can appreciate that …I just hope they’re better than what we let go…Sask. has asked permission to talk to Dyce…Bombers have asked permission to talk to Jamie Baressi…The musical coaches continues…I don’t see Dyce going to sask. on a lateral move…he luvs the Peg…but i do see sasks. qb. coach coming to the Bombers… :roll: :roll:

The Bombers are getting their money’s worth out of those grey carts on Moron Drive.

Nelson surprises me, i know lapolice wants his own guys, but you guys had a very good Defence last year.

I agree; I hope Nelson lands on his feet somewhere in the CFL this season. . .

This is absurd. Nelson's work last season spoke for itself. Way to go, Bombers, for destabilizing the only good area of the team in 2009.

New coaches are allowed to hire who they want . What makes you such an expert ? Please list your pro football coaching resume ?

I'm not surprised. It's very important that the HC have co-ordinators that he can trust and is comfortable with. Matt Dunigan talked about that in one of the Roundtable segments last season. The OC and DC are two of the most important people in the coaching staff and if LaPolice had any doubts about being able to work with Nelson then I'd rather he be let go now than wait half way through the season to do it. Nelson did do a good job and I wish he could have been retained but that's the life of a professional coach.

…Strange… Campbell doesn’t seem to be a guy we’re going to miss…not much mention of him gettting the pink slip…Maybe he can catch-on with the argos… :roll:


I must have missed the rule stipulating that you have to have coaching experience in order to post on a football message board.

dont think thats the point. think logic is the point. rumors are dyce and harris werent allowed in the room, everwhere kellys been, nelsons been, he's a kelly guy. he had to go. boo hoo. the defense wasnt that great. we still allowed alot of yards, YES we were on the field alot and we did make alot of big plays, but... at the same time, we didnt make the big play always when we needed it either. hard to blame the defense but reality is, a new coach brings in his own people. bombers want guys who are family men, guys with character. MACK, LAPOLICE, DYCE,HARRIS, the guys they bring in will be family oriented and guys that are about WE and not about I, last year was all about MIKE KELLY!!! IT WASNT EVEN ABOUT THE BLUE BOMBERS!!! mike kellys coaches, the defense is as good as the talent u have, sure we had lots of ints but we had ballhawks back there, we didnt have alot of sacks. just sayin. theres only so many ways of playing defense, like its all been done b4, hard to be innovative now a days playing defense, what are u gonna do, line a DL up in a db spot and have the db in the DL spot, ya that works.. innovative, stupid. dumb. DOESNT WORK.

we will be fine this year if we beleive in the blue bombers. dont make this about some coach, its not about a coach, or a gm or a president, its about the team. its about us. its about the blue bombers.. BITCH@!!!

I am in total agreement with your statement and your opinion on this. Nelson did a terrific job with the Bombers D. I have read his Coaching Bio, and he has tremendous experience and winning records.
Its too bad that some other team will reap the benefits of his experience. Not always the wisest move when a new coach cleans house right off the hop.
Like the new coach and the potential for a great Bomber season in '10. But, we have to start building , not continue tearing apart!

You know what's funny (funny strange, not funny ha ha). The Sun is the only one reporting this. As I'm posting this, there is nothing at the CJOB website, the Free Press website or the TSN website about it. There has also been nothing official from the Bombers.

Very interesting. . .

The Bombers' website still lists them both as being on staff; and lest anyone suggest that they are just slow in updating, LaPolice is listed as head coach:

What to make of this? I don't know. . . mabye the Sun is trying to outduel Naylor and HfxTC for the award for most incorrect predictions-stated-as-fact in one month. . .

LOL...could be!

On a related note, the Sun is reporting today that LaPolice wants Kavis Reed to be the new DC, while Charlie Carpenter has been let go. Defense should be good, with 13!

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This is a bit strange. Usually when one media source comes out with a scoop, the others preface it with “It has been reported that” and publish it themselves.

Maybe all the football reporters in Canada left for Florida Friday night for a weekend of partying.

Maybe the webmaster was a pot of Kelly's ? So they had to fire him LOL!

Hope Edmonton picks up Nelson. They need to work on their D.