Neiswander will be Als' QB in Moncton

A couple of interesting comments about Quinton Porter included in this report on the Als as they prepare to meet the Cats in Moncton:

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So I am hoping "Frank" shows up in Moncton :slight_smile:

8) Those comments by Popp regarding Porter, are the reason that Quinton is not playing Pro Football any more !!

as we are hoping Neiswander (or Marsh) show up in Moncton. :wink:

Like it matters who starts at QB for MTL. They change every 5 mins anyway.

Ah, Montreal QBs...

Was there 2 years ago, fun.

Popp should have signed Elliott , who re-signed with BC, when he had the chance- still better than Marsh or Neiswander. Popp screwed the pooch on this one.