this guy is bad

He played a good game I thought!

This thread is BS


He did great...he showed more than I thought he could.

Well, the first 2 posts are anyways.

Neal Hughes did a great job. He always does a great job when called upon. he is one of the league's most underrated pass catchers. He blocks very well. he had great receiving numbers in this game. his rushing numbers were low, but he only had like 5(?) carries and the one that he did break open for 20 yard gain was called back by a hold.

Pairiedog you got this right , Neal is a true Rider is out to schools talking to kids and when asked to fill in where required he does , a real team player , he is not out after games drinking and chasing someone elses girl and getting in fights , some of his teamates could take a lesson or 2 from this guy. Just my opinion.

I think Niel is under utilized. We need to focus a little more on the short pass. Niel could be a great asset. Just my opinion. 8)

Back in the day I was on Neils team n highschool I was grade 12 and he was grade 11, he was our rb and was the best in the highschool league. He is a really great player and played just as well as anybody else who would have had to take sheets spot. Neil should be used more so Sheets isn't take the brunt of the hits. Great Player, use him more.