Neil on Jesse

Papa Neil Lumsden was asked by Mike Hogan on this AM’s if Jesse was interested in joining the Cats this season. In a nutshell he said the team has to express some interest in Jesse by contacting him. If Papa Neil was being truthful, I can’t understand the Cat’s lack of urgency in the matter. I know they hold Lumsden’s rights and don’t have to go off in hot pursuit of the guy but the team is not exactly lighting it up. Quite a contrast to the Als and Jesse Palmer.

And maybe that says it all.

An Argo fan

Jesse Palmer is on the practice squad, nothing really urgent with that signing.

The Cats haven't shown interest in Jesse for 2 reasons I can think of

a) He has expressed zero interest himself in making a career in the CFL and he has bolted twice to try out for the NFL, now I don't think any less of the guy for trying to make the best of his career. But a GM may see this as a loyality issue.

b) In the cloud of stink that is the Ticats team this yea their running game seems to be the only thing they really are set for. With Holmes playing steady there is really no need for another RB. Unless Holmes gets injured knocks on wood

Their problems from where I sitting, is at QB and the secondary seems slow, never able to properly cover the other teams receivers. Unless Jesse could fix either one of those 2 problems then he is worth signing.

I do believe that it was previously stated that the Ti-Cats had been talking to his agent. Therefore reading between the lines I see they are holding out for more money.

I do believe his father is his agent.

"neil on jesse"

isnt that what this site does to this guy everyday?

I didn't know that and it explains a lot. Still, from the team's side of things with Ranek out, Lumsden must look pretty good to them.

An Argo fan


Holmes is 3 times the back He is.

I think we should be working a Long term Deal with Holmes 1st..

Homes and Ranek.

And besides, the urgency lies in several places other than RB right now.

whatever you say Yoda.

I admit, I just moved to this area within the last 8 months. I have yet to see Mr. Lumsden play, but by the way some people talk about him, you would think that if/when he gets a shot with the Cats, he is going to run for 200+ yards and 4 TDs. After the season Holmes had last year and by the way he has looked the past two games (only bright spot) I cant see Jesse being that much better than Corey. IMO

"200+ yards and 4TDs each game" is what that should have bad

That's what Dolphins fans thought Ricky would get in every game up here.

re jfl-put williams behind radlin ! do you think he could run over oshea one on one ?? imo they should make lumsden the markee player and play him at safety and slotback , yep yep yep

If you're curious you can check out some video clips at

How anyone can watch that video and honestly say they DONT want him here is beyond me.

Watching those plays just reminded me what a talent he really is.

Yeah, as much as I really liked him last year, I don't remember him being THAT good.


Some of us bow...others kneel.

I prefer a tip of the hat

for what he has accomplished.

Josh Ranek RB and Anthony Davis RB are injured.

If Holmes gets hurt, Kojo Aidoo is our RB

I have no doubt that Jesse Lumsden has the talent to be a premier running back in the CFL, he strong, quick, agile and runs with his head up, finding spaces and following blocks.

I don't blame him for wanting to try the NFL. A running back can expect to play for an average of about five years in pro football, let him have his shot at the big money and if he doesn't make it, let him come here and show us what he can do.


Is this this another story where the player's agent (his father)is trying to pull another Eric Lindros story ????

If so, then the WussyCats don't need the aggravation. As soon as the Maple Loafs signed "The Big E." I stopped watching the Maple Laughs. He singlehandedly help gut the Nordique in Quebec and tried to tell Bobby Clark how to run the Philly Flyers.

I agree with Mr. Desjardins original comments at his coming out party .... if a player wasn't interested in signing for at least a 2 years plus option contract then he won't sign him !!!! Jessie is and would be a benefit but we don't need a rent-a-player for 2 months. He to this point in history has proven very little besides a bit of potential at the end of last year.