Neil McRae blasts Wally as arrogant and makes ref. to Poop

So what did you think of Neil McRae's tirade today calling Wally arrogant and making references to "poop"?

I have no doubt the comments will get the attention of the club, especially the references to poop. Monday Sept 10 about 12:20 pm.

And Neil makes some good points. He was aggressive and took some pointed shots, and I hope it will light a fire under the team.

They play that same way on Saturday night they will be booed off the field.

Yes Wally is arrogant, as not making Casey Printers an offer. Casey should be here, not in Hamilton.

Want an example of how effective the QB is when he's mobile? Watch Marcus Brady run right through the Lions yesterday.

It's time for some of these Lion players to shape up or ship out. Talk the talk but walk the walk.

Don't blame Neil McRae. He's right. The Lions have about 30,000 supporters and if they would market the product properly they could fill the dome.

One effective way of doing that would've been to bring Casey Printers to town. Never mind his off field antics and that "chemistry" crapp. Wally blew it.

Printers would have been loved here! The fans would come out in droves! He loves Vancouver! He's exciting, mildly arrogant and cocky, but that's refreshing.

Remember how popular Flutie was here? Remember that vs. Toronto game that drew 55,000?

First of all, Wally should have put Dickenson on the 9 week Injured Reserve List so that $ 200,000 of his salary would not be counted towards the Salary Cap. That may have made enough room in the SMS to make a serious offer to Printers.

On top of that, the Lions don't send Dickenson on the flight to Montreal apparently to save money. Dave wanted to go. Dave said so. This is totally inexcusable.

Of course, David Braley has $ 70 million to donate to McMaster University but the club doesn't have the finances to fly their highest paid player to Montreal to stand on the sidelines and be supportive of and be a guiding light for Jarious.

I am disgusted

I'm sorry dude but I think Wally was right to pass on the Printers sweepstakes, he's a bit over hyped he couldn't even make third string on the Chiefs , but he's going to save Hamilton now.This is a team sport and he's only one guy and if you watched Hamilton play this year you'd have to feel sorry for Jason Mass , he didn't get much help, I don't think Joe Montana could have done any better.I remember sitting through some games that Printers was playing and hoping they would make a Q.B. change. I think Dave Dickinson played better than him at times and it was a good one two punch having two capable quarterbacks.It was similar to our present Q.B. situation.If Hamilton wants to throw all their money at one guy , good for them , lets see how it works out. but if you think Neil Macrae has better football sense than Wally, I have some waterfront real estate in the desert you may be interested in.That guys good at stirring the pot, but he has no idea what it takes to build a solid team, just selling commercial's to people who are never happy with what they have.

First of the primary reason for not signing Casey is the BC Lions do not have cap room for him. So is Wally dumb now? Your team has experienced several injuries and when this occurs any room your team would have had is now gobbled up. Where do you think you could hide that $500000 contract or do you remember the Dave offered to lower his contract for Murph! Some people do not think!

I'm glad Wally spent the money on re-signing Clermont, than Casey Printers. Remember, Printers had one good year. I'll wait a bit to see how he handles losing in Hamilton. Printers hasn't changed much, look what he did to Jim Popp in Montreal before he signed with Hamilton.

I like our chances with Pierce and Jackson.

B.C. had no cap space for Printers. And that's why the salary cap, though it still has many issues to work out, is a good thing. Printers going to B.C. would have been the rich getting richer. We need to spread the talent out in this league, not have one or two teams hoarding it.

This is not meant to offend Lions fans, just an observation.

Mcrae calls Buono arrogant and then says Printers arrogance is refreshing? Anyone see something wrong with that especially coming from an arrogant loud mouth senile media clown.

Printers and his agent cause more problems than they are worth. You heard Murphy talk about Printers and you can bet there are more, less outspoken lions who feel the same. Why would you throw that much money on a mememe guy?

Neil McCrae (who I like by the way) is paid to stir things up and say contraversial things.

Not really a big issue for me.

Thats Niel Mcraes thing act like he knows everything it gets kind of old though just like don cherry and the outfits sme old thing from him for how many years

Printers had one good year, that's it. The team didn't like him and if you don't like your quarterback then your just not going to play well, and you're going to fight on the sidelines.

I'm glad Wally didn't sign Printers, I don't really like him.

Neil McCrae is an idiot!