Neil McCrae disses CFL!!!

Today on Rock 101.1 Neil McCrae referred to Carl Kidd as playing for a "rinky-dink league"!!!
It's bad enough when a sports mouthpiece does not promote the local team or our country's game/league, but when he insults my league and my team, he goes too damn far!!
I call on all CFL fans, of any team, to boycott any station or business McCrae has anything to do with!!!I'd like to kick his ass right out of Canada!!

Don't get too bent out of shape. McCrae is notorius for bashing practically everything. He has given kudos in the past to the CFL as well.

He has also bashed the NHL and Bettman in the past.

He has bashed Major League baseball as well.

Take McCrae for his "entertainment" value.

McCrae is a loudmouth that is on a "crappy" radio station don't worry. I would like to see him take a run at Carl.... Mr. Kidd would put him in his place!!!

Go Carl... :rockin:

Deep down McCrae loves the CFL. Like Sport said he just loves to get a rise out of the listening public. Pay no attention to that guy.

Neil McRae is, and always has been, a moron who loves the sound of his own voice. It's so much easier to be negative than to be positive. Let's face it, McRae doesn't have the intelligence or desire to say anything positive.

God, I can't believe I even responded to this thread. I usually pay absolutely no attention to anything McRae says!

I've heard McCrae slam players and teams after bad games many times, often justified, but never an entire league. Anybody that calls the CFL "rinky-dink" can't be a fan and I can't get "entertainment" when something I care about is insulted.

I find McCrae's attacks over the years on the CFL pretty stupid but it does get people listening.

Last night post 11 pm on CKNW I was impressed with Dan Russell talking CFL instead of just the Canucks who played one of many pre-season games. Russell lately is doing a lot more CFL and seems to be getting more familiar with the Lions than I felt he has been in recent years.

There must be at least 15 or 16 people still listening to McCrae's shtick. Last time I listened he was on about the Sedin Sisters.