Neil King starting for Courtney Stephan

Can some of you guys in the know help me out?
Is the Spec's depth chart for real?
Is Courtney dressing for the GC?

CS was the only starter to not take full reps in the teams last practice.
Might see Webb there with some ratio adjusting.

If Webb goes in for a Canadian like Stephen at safety, then does Plesius force Johnson to sit at MLB?

They is also talk of maybe Harris playing safety if Stephen's can't play.Depth chart should be out later today,it will tell the picture and story of who the 46 man will be for the Grey Cup.

No way does J.J. not dress and play in this game,my guess is that Bowman could be odd man out.

Courtney Staphen is a game time decision.

[b]"We've grown all year with those bus rides to practice and going to Guelph and all the things that were stacked against us, we turned it into a positive and we made it to the Grey Cup," said first-year safety Neil King. "We're ready to play."

King has played largely a support role this season as a special-teamer with the occasional start in case of injury. But with super-rookie Courtney Stephen hobbled — he hasn't practised this week — King may find himself thrust into a bigger role on Sunday. If nothing else, he has the mantra down.

"We have something special in this locker-room. Just because we're on this big stage, that doesn't mean we change," King said. "We are who we are and we play how we play."

The injury news was somewhat better on all other fronts: offensive lineman Brian Simmons and Greg Wojt both practised as did corner Delvin Breaux. All three have been major contributors this season. Stephen is the ubiquitous game-time decision and Austin was circumspect — as always — on the issue of injuries.

"Like other guys that have gotten rest through the week, we're just trying to get our guys to the game,"Austin said.[/b]

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haha todays depth chart missin fantuz

According to the depth chart on the Tiger cat site for the Grey cup game tomorrow, both Fantuz and Stephen are starting.

Yes the depth chart just came out. I hoping Stephen can start.