Negotiation List

Latest negotiation list out again with ten names published for each team. I and others have stated in the past that teams wouldn't really put out important names on these list. However, I have changed my mind somewhat after seeing some of the players signed from these lists. Good players Dejon Allen and DB Treston DeCloud come to mind from the last list of the Argos. After a little digging I see 3 players on the current list are FAs and could be signed at any time. That would be QB Chad Kelly 6 3 215, DE Jachai Polite 6 3 257 and RB Bo Scarbrough 6 1 235. LB Willie Harvey 5 11 230, OL Jon Hubbard 6 4 295, RB Javon Leake 6 215, and RE Ledarius Mack 6 1 240 have been off and on NFL PRs all season. We will see if they are signed to future NFL contracts this winter or not and then they may be available. A couple of QBs Hendon Hooker 6 4 220 Tennessee Sr and Shedur Sanders 6 3 225 Jackson State Freshman still college players. WR&PR Britain Covey 5 8 170 Utah has declared for the NFL draft so we will see where that goes. He could be competition for Chandler Worthy at some time in the future. Argos have had LeDarius Mack on their list for three years now, so they must believe he could be someone who could excel as a RE in the CFL. He is about the same size as Charleston Hughes who has had a great career in the CFL. With Charleston moving on it could be a great time for Mack finally come to Toronto. He is more of a tweener in the NFL like Hughes was. Chad Kelly was mentioned by his Uncle Jim Kelly as having a rocket arm, however Jim didnt mention anything about accuracy. But the windows in the CFL are bigger. Lol. Polite was a 3rd round NFL pick as a LBer but again DE could be his forte in the CFL. Bo Scarbrough is a big RB who could fit nicely in the Argos two back formation with Foster. Something to watch for this off season.

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So we have seen two of this list signed up. QB Chad Kelly and DE Jachai Polite. MLB Willie Harvey sounds like a CFL type guy who could rotate in with and backup Henoc Muamba. With Judge gone now I don't see a Canadian LB ready to replace Muamba if necessary.

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Argos also have former Notre Dame QB Deshone Kizer on their neg list too

I don't think he's coming to the CFL. Rumor has it that he may be taken by the USFL in their supplement draft on the 10th of March, just before the Ides of March. "Eh to, Brutus"

Interesting. Thanks for that update. If true that’s a bad move. Coming up here would be better for his career and NFL aspirations since the Canadian game is more suited to his talents. Not to mention he would probably make more money up here too (potentially).

Kizer has been out of Football for some time. I don't think the Argos should invest the time to develop him. He's had his opportunity to sign with the Argos in the past, but has rebuffed their offers waiting for a NFL practice roster spot

Kizer spent much of the 2021 season on and off the Tennessee Titans practice roster. Was released the final time November 30/21.

But he got no meaningful reps. He was mainly depth material for the Titans

RB Javon Leake another signee from that 10 player negotiation list.

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Great signing. Leake is a burner. Tailor made for the wide CFL field.

I'm surprised that the entire league is signing good quality players when the USFL is operating. I thought these kids would stay in the US to play for their family and friends

Some guys don't like the idea of signing in a hub city. They like to go to different cities, travel etc. Also playing in front of smaller crowds wouldn't be as appealing. On top of all that the CFL pays more money overall. He couldn't make the NY Giants, Washington, or Detroit team so he might have given up on his NFL dreams. The main reason to go to the USFL is to have the ability to attend NFL camps after a USFL season.

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So with NFL camps in full swing there may be a few more players on the Argos Neg list in play again. Kelly and Leake seem to be two good players already here now. Polite has been found wanting and released. DE Ledarius Mack 6'1 240 is currently a FA but maybe waiting to see if there are any openings after the NFL cut downs. LB Will Harvey 5'11 230 is sitting 3rd string with Cleveland. OT Jon Hubbard 6'4 295 sitting 3rd string as well. WR/PR Britain Covey 5'8 170 3rd string with the Eagles. Exciting small player who is 26 years old as a rookie so maybe he can find his way up here. The Argos need someone to return kicks pretty bad IMO. Canadian G Ryan Hunter 6'3 325 still a 3rd stringer with the Chargers, but seems to be making a career on the PR. OT Sage Doxtater 6'6 325 is sitting 3rd at LT in New Orleans but will probably make the PR. The same with DE Luiji Vilain 6'4 250 with Minnesota. A couple of former CFLers who might be available as both are sitting as 3rd string, are WR Michel Marken 5'11 190 (former Stampeder) and G/OT Greg Van Roten 6'3 300 who played a couple of years with the Argos. Van Roten is 32 now but maybe he could be convinced to finish off the year with the Argos. He has that CFL experience most others don't have. I remember him playing Guard and Left Tackle when he was here. Marken has that Calgary connection which is big right now with the current Argos. Could be a good pick up if available seeing the current WR's can't seem to stay healthy. Also has the CFL experience. Hope to see some of these guys here this year.

Most of the American players will sign on with the XFL anyway. The Rock's league will be a drain on talent for the CFL