Negotiation List Update

Considering the recent trade with Toronto that sent linebacker J. Moore and a negotiation player down the QEW. Can anyone make an educated guess who the two negotiation players may be from Toronto’s list and what position are the Tiger Cats trying to fill ? My guess, kicker and offensive tackle.


Name Position College
COOK, Connor QB Michigan State
DAVIS, Jawill WR Bethune Cookman
DAVIS, Ryan DL Bethune Cookman
FOURCADE, Chase QB Nicholls State
GLASS, Mike* QB Eastern Michigan
HAROLD, Eli DL Virginia
MACK, Ledarius* DL Buffalo
OLLIE, Ronald DL Nicholls State
ZAMORT, Ronald DB Western Michigan

  • Denotes a player participating in an NCAA Bowl game

Those ten names were the only ones named but teams have 35 or 40 players on their neg lists. The Argos have signed DE Ryan Davis and DT Ronald Ollie from that list and would have added two replacements. I don’t know why the neg players in a trade couldn’t be named.