Negotiation List Idea

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Dave Naylor regarding making the Negotiation List of CFL teams public:

"As most fans are aware, American CFL players enter the league through a process known as the negotiation list, a list of 35 players whose rights are protected by each CFL team. Teams can move a player on or off their negotiation list as they see fit, he can be a player anywhere in football, from a college freshman to an established NFL star.

So what's the problem? Well, the problem is the fans are shut out when it comes to this process. Neg lists are shared between the teams and registered with the league. But the fans, the people whose interest is what drives the sport, are kept in the dark.

So the question is: why?

It can’t be for competitive reasons because the lists are all shared among the teams.
And yet despite pressure from the media (led by yours truly and supported by others in the profession including such prominent broadcasters as Glenn Suitor), the league and its teams haven’t budged an inch on this issue.
And it’s really too bad for the league because the CFL is missing out on a great opportunity here.

In my own assessment, here’s how the CFL could benefit by making negotiation lists public for fans.

  • One of the advantages of a draft is that it creates anticipation about a player arriving in a city. Because there is no draft for American players, the CFL gets none of that. Most teams issue a press release on a player's arrival the same day he shows up at practice for the first time, with little buzz or fanfare accompanying it. If fans knew which players were the CFL property of their teams, they’d have the opportunity to follow them and educate themselves about them before they arrive. A good example is what happened this season in Saskatchewan with former Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell. Somehow, word was leaked that Harrell was on Saskatchewan’s negotiation list weeks before he signed. That created some buzz around the league so that when Harrell actually showed up, it created a bit of a stir. Not every new player to the CFL is going to create that kind of attention. But let the fans decide who they should care about and who they shouldn’t."

It would be cool to see who's on the Neg list and make fun of teams choices.I could see Brady/manning or Romo on the Argos list-lol.But in reality I think teams move that list around from week to week you wouldnt get to know any of them.I really never needed to know that Pacman Jones or that old Pitts QB Maduxx I think his name was,used to be on the BB's list.The only time I ever paid attention to a possible guy coming into the CFL,was when Danny Mac showed up in Wpg during the 1990 preseason to check the team and CFL out to get a contract sighned.....I think the media just wants to know so they can make a story out of nothing,like Ben Johnson on Ham's list years ago,or the Bombers having the rights to the Wendys Million $ kicker guy.

The simplest way I can put this:

When you we're in High School. Did you have a list with your buddy's girlfriends you secretly wanted to date hung up on your locke door ?

Naylor :roll:

how come everyone seems to have to know everything about everyone and everything. sure it might be nice to know who is on a negotiation list but will it affect my life at all? No. do i complain about not knowing no? do you see me writing a story about how it would benefit Earl's Restaurants to give out the recipe for their AMAZING Chili Chicken? it would be great benefit to them cause i would make it at home, it wouldn't taste 1/2 as good and I would know that to get it the best i have to go to Earl's. I would get more addicted to it and go there more often increasing their sales that much more. not only that I really really want to know what Tim Horton's puts in their coffee to make it so addictive, now that is info i need. somebody write an article about why they should give me that info.

ps my wife would like the list of names that everyone is thinking of using for their newborns in the next 3-5 years.

I for one think it would be great, it may not be something that we would die if we didn't get Bryan but alot of fans are interested in seeing neg. lists and this is a league that's supposed to be 100% fan oriented.

I agree. As the article mentions, it would make things a lot more interesting for fans and help create some buzz when a player of the neg. list is signed or about to be signed. Since their is no American player draft, this would be a great way to market possible future CFL players.

It would give rise to a million "How come _________ is/isn't on our neg list" threads on here. For that reason alone, they ought to be kept private.

One of the funnier moments from a player who was on the BB neg list about 10 years ago (i cant remember his name) Think he was some hot shot collage QB.The Bombers were in talks with the player and his agent for a few days,they thought they had come to an agreement on a contract for 75g's for a year.To the BB surprise the agent and player walked away once they saw the contract in wriitten form,they thought that the 75g's was a one year signning bonus and not his salary for the year. :lol: Ya sometimes I just dont need to know who these players are who have no idea about the CFL.