[negotiation list addition] Bombers Add Culpepper


i find this funny, but meh doesnt hurt to try right.

Its quite possible Culpepper may be out of the NFL very soon. He's big, but his legs are now so fragile. Its a shame.

He will be a QB coach in NCAA football before he will come to Canada to play for the Blue Bombers

Once he is done in the nfl why would he even bother coming up here at this point i imagine the money he has in the bank will be enough to live comfortably with aside from the fact with his expierence someone will take him on as a 2nd stringer at least

The money he saved if any would last him 2 years at the most with the way most pro athletes throw their money around. Just look at Mike Tyson, he's now living in a crack shack in some ghetto in Torrence.