Negotiating Lists

Ti-Cats are revealing their negotiating lists. It's about time the teams do this!!

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I'm with you. I can't see a downside to this. I had no idea it was 45 players though.

I`m certainly going to be in the minority on this, but I really have no interest in knowing the players on the Als neg. list.

Do we even know what percentage of neg. list players actually sign with a team?

I would much rather focus my attention and interest on the players who are actually on the team rather than fantasizing over players I most likely will never see.

I wouldn't know most/any of the names but it would be interesting to see if the team is making good use of the list or feathering it with ridiculous pipe dreams; for example, Popp apparently had Russel Wilson still on the list after he was established as an NFL star.

Don't see any downside in them being public, althought the CFL would have to also keep them up to date.

Anything that gets people talking CFL is good for business. Makes the NCAA bowl season A LOT more relevant up here when you can watch who your team has on their neg list. This is literally 20 years overdue. I just hope more teams decide to get out of the stone ages with this.

For proof, witness just how much hype Hamilton's neg list has ALREADY generated and its just came out. Now rumours will run wild the moment Manziel doesn't sign with an NFL team. Would make for a great build up to an eventual signing in Hamilton and subsequent talk of a QB dilemma with Zach Collaros. Even if he came up here and stunk it up, that would raise the "legitimacy" of the league in the Rogers Communications crowd. Literally win win win all the way around.

People talking Ticats is great for business.

That might just be for the off-season because the number is reduced to 35 on May 15. Rookie camp starts shortly afterwards on May 24.

Exactly, the more CFL talk the better for the league.

As an Argos fan, it's difficult to thank the Ticats....but thank you. Now please. The rest of the league follow suit.
I never understood why there's so much secrecy around this list. Maybe wikileaks can get involved!

TiCats roster players from their Neg List

Larry Dean - Starting MLB
Cassius Vaughn - DB(started 9 gms last year)
Everett Golson - #3QB

Good read here on it

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The neg list used to be just 35 players, but they were obviously expanded to 45 at some point. It shows that the amount of players available out there has increased.

Kinda surprising when you consider that the neg lists have pretty much the same amount of players on them as the regular 46 man active game day rosters of CFL teams . In total we are looking at collectively as a league 405 players that have currently been placed on team's Neg lists . It would be interesting to see what the percentages are for how many of these players actually get signed to CFL contracts . My guess is that these numbers would be rather low , perhaps maybe 5% at best , if even that high which is very doubtful.

3 players is quite a small percentage considering all the players that might have been on the Cats neg. list at the same time as these 3.

And if I was a Cats fan it would bother me that recent focus is on Manziel, when my team already has 2 pretty good QBs without any baggage.

I probably would be more curious to know the names of players who attend teams various tryout camps. At least these guys are available for immediate signing.

iTS simple. a lot of the players on these lists are in the NCAA or the NFL. The NCAA in particular does not want their players showing up anywhere until draft eligibility. Basically they are contracted to schools and pro teams...

True, but there’s more to it than that.

The list is not confidential because of fan scrutiny. Teams already face that, they couldn’t care any less if the neg list is picked apart.

It’s confidential to players. Most of the players on it don’t know they’re on it because if a players triggers a negotiation, the team who has his rights has to sign him within 10 (I believe) days or lose his rights.

So in that scenario either you lose someone you thought had potential down the road by refusing to sign him or you’re forced to cut someone to make room for him. Either way, you lose. Unless you keep your mouth shut and you attempt to sign him when it suits you.

I’m curious about who Ottawa might be looking at but if the guy’s name being public reduces the chance of signing him, then screw it, I don’t need to know that badly.

There have been a bunch of street free agents signed over the past couple of months that we don’t know a thing about. Are we talking about them? Not really. Ottawa just signed Sherrod Baltimore today. Did I miss the discussion?

So I don’t know why anyone thinks the negotiation list is going to be any kind of great conversation starter. We won’t know these guys and the ones we do know, we get made aware of anyway.

Kavis Reed was asked yesterday about revealing neg lists, and he said he was against it because it would create expectations with fans.

Jim Popp was asked this question at the Argos fan forum and he said he would like to eliminate neg lists altogether. He said all unsigned players should be free agents and that the salary cap would prevent bidding wars.

I dont agree with this at all. If Im a player agent and my client has an offer, I`m going to do my due diligence and contact the other 8 teams to see if I can do better. It would turn contract offers into auctions, and there would be no end to haggling back and forth.

There is no point revealing neg lists to the public as all it does is create false hope as well degrades your current roster as whoever is on those lists are likely better than who you actually have.

Almost everybody that actually signs in the CFL are players almost nobody has heard of. As repeatedly demonstrated, there is little excitement over non-official as well as official signings.