Negativity Towards Toronto

#1, I didn't whine about Toronto. Not sure where you got that.
#2, I never said anything about individual Torontonians shoving Toronto down our throats. It is more the case of the " supposedly national media". Which is why I indicated media and dignitaries.
#3, As you are seeing on this thread, the good aspects of the Grey Cup weekend are being praised as I said they would.

my issue with Toronto is that they are the worst per capita in fan support. Worst for having local media rip or ignore CFL. Worst for having the likes of Godfrey and his fellow scumbags who should be run out of canada, or worse. Worst for percentage of sports fans wanting NFL over CFL.

Also, they think THEY are CANADA. When anyone there makes decisions that affect the whole country, they centre their decision making on what they think works best or is best for toronto first, or only.

Didn't get to the game but took in festivities Friday night at the Vanier and then off to Tiger Town. Saturday night at the Great Big Sea concert at the convention centre, utterly fantastic meeting so many CFL fans especially from Saskatchewan and Winnipeg but also from all the teams. The beer lines were too slow though, I don't think they anticipated such a big turnout.

It was funny, wife and me went to a Korean restaurant on Queen St and some university students were in there and we were wearing our TiCats jerseys and I heard one remark that "look at those people, they are football fans" like we were some foreign species. It was too frickin funny but then we are speaking about U of T students which explains it.

Great time and from what I saw, Toronto pulled it off pretty darn good.

I think what you have done is taken out the word U.S and inserted Toronto from historical posts in reference to US sentiments towards Canada and vice versa...grats on being completely unoriginal.

Because Toronto wants to be like the US does not mean everyone smaller than T.O wants to be like Toronto. I know it's hard to imagine, given that you think your thoughts and feelings are the same as everyone else'

I live in Ottawa and know very little about Nunavut, Saskatchewan and most other provinces given that I have not lived in any save B.C, Quebec, Alberta and Ontario (Ont. for 29 yrs). However, I sure as hell don't think they want to be like us. There is definitely animosity among the provinces for political, economic and social reasons but I wouldn't confuse animosity with envy.

Let's face it, many people from large cities relate better to people from large cities, whether it is within a country or country to country. People living in Toronto, for example, I would imagine are far more likely to have more in common in all sorts of things with people from Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia than from say Wingham, Ont or Battleford, Sask. And people from smaller cities and towns with other smaller cities and towns the same, regardless of countries. That being said, there are many people in Canada's large cities that came from all over Canada, smaller towns or larger cities so this is also something to consider.

Swervin tell me something is up did you find a date in TO.edited

Admittedly, I thought TO wouldn't do a good job, but they did. My biggest beef was that Riderville didn't rent a bigger room and most of the places could not keep up with the demand for drinks. Overall, I thought they did a great job. Good venues, friendly fans and organizers. It was a real celebration of Canada.

I would say that once you got out of that 5 block radius, that the Grey Cup was a non-issue, but within that 5 block radius it was a well run affair. Thanks TO.

Why do people like to bash Toronto?

Everybody needs a hobby.

Lets face it people get tired of getting spoon fed Toronto all the time. Watch the Toronto Sports Network, it's Leafs this Leafs that, Argoe this Argoes that, Blue get the picture. TO teams get first billing even when their not playing. What really irks me is you have a so called National broadcaster and they have contests or call-ins for Toronto viewers only.

Toronto may well have hosted a great Grey Cup, but when it's all said and done the will have to go back to being Toronto.

By the way, how many Torontonians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One, he justs hold it up and lets the World revolve around him.

Old joke but the premise still applies.

Toronto did a good job hosting the cup. They had a lot of festivities for fans to attend and had plenty of concerts. The festivities were all mostly within walking distance also.

Also for fans from out of province there are many things to do in Toronto, including the hockey hall of fame.

The negative things I saw were the drinking lines, way to long, both at the festivities and at the game itself. I had to make a decision at the game whether to drink or watch the game (I chose the game).

The other thing is I didn't see many Toronto fans at all. I would've expected the Host cities fans to be more prevelant then what they were.

Toronto is a very big city that is highly diversified. Diversification has it's benefits but one of the 'down sides' is that cultural identity is fractioned.

Case in point, the last Super Bowl to be held in L.A. was considered an utter failure as it was overshadowed into obscurity by the speer mass of people and options.

Another thing that should be pointed out is that many events that people are applauding on this thread are actually hosted by other Cities. The Spirit of Edmonton is hosted by Edmonton. Riderville hosted by Regina. The pancake breakfast hosted by Calgary. It is the same at every Grey Cup. What I think is the question is how well did the people of Toronto do in hosting and supporting the game. Did Torontonians show up to the party or were there just Saskatchewan and Manitoba revellers. I know that Hamilton wouldn't miss a party but what about Toronto.

I thought that the city of TO did an admirable job also, except for the tailgate party areas. The 2 free ones would of held about 400-500 people at most. Not enough acomidation for all the fans. There were at least 3-4 times more people waitng to get in.
I got there early and enjoyed the preformance, but when nature called I had to leave the area set aside for drinking and partying, because the priveys were outside the area, and could not get back in. However I managed to go to the hotel lounge at the skydome and kept up with my drinking without hardly missing a beat. Stayed there until almost game time, picked up a couple more drinks and watched the game. It took over 30 minutes to get a drink at half time, but that was ok. Don’t care about Lenny anyway, just the game and partying with gracious fans from Hamilton, Winnipeg and saskatchewan.
All said and done I enjoyed it termendously and TO did a great job with their marketting of the grey cup.

Still nobody is saying if Tonontonians supported the party. Yes there were venues for the revellers but were there any Toronto revellers there?

Given the circumstances around what happened in 92, I think Toronto did a great job. They have a ways to go to be able to claim it was a great party. Part of that goes to the media and hype that goes along with the game. But in reality given the recent change in ownership (relatively new group of owners), they did a good job. Next time it should be even better.