Negativity Towards Toronto

I'm not sure why everyone is so negative towards Toronto and their hosting the Grey Cup? (Although it doesn't surprise me from prarie media who are always jealous of Toronto)

Not all prople dig the same activities. For example prarie folks like show and shines, parades with fire trucks, rodeos and big dances in halls but I doubt most people in Toronto get off on those events.

Toronto gets full marks for the most important acheivements, selling all of the tickets, hosting the awards, making a party out of game day with concerts and so forth, a great half time show and hosting the game.

The whole band playing in the poop house 5 days before the game doesn't fly in a busy city like Toronto because they got a lot of other things going on now and throughout the year.

Back off and give some props when props are due. They've done a good job.

Swervin you just don't get it or at least you don't seem to. It has nothing to do with jealousy. I have never met anyone from the prairies who is jealous of Toronto. More often than not, it's just a matter of being sick of having the idea that Toronto is better than anything outside of there shoved down our throats that gets irritating.

It's like the neighbour that is ignorant, brash and overbearing. Always talks about how much better his house and yard are than yours. After a while you get sick of listening because really there isn't much difference. The only real difference is his ego is way bigger.

And I can guarantee you that on the prairies, Toronto organizers will get full marks for what they have done right. But the city's media and any top people that dump on it will not get any credit and that's how it should be. That's not jealousy. That's reality.

Toronto seems to be doing very well for a city that is hosting "The-Worst-Case-Scenario" Grey Cup. It's funny how the shops along Yonge haven't caught on. I remember in Vancouver, in 05 it seemed like all the small shops in Downtown wanted to capitalize on the GC.

It's funny watching TO people stare at all the GC goers in their jerseys and CFL memorabilia. It seems as if the Downtown Torotonians (what?) never heard of Grey Cup before.

But when you head down to Front ST. Its pretty good. They have it goin on. And some of the fine Prarie girls got it goin on too...

Pictures! We want pictures!

I haven't heard any negative media coverage about Toronto's hosting. In fact, it has been all positive things. As for the rest of your rant, BigU did a nice job destroying it.

Lets get real here BigU. Many Torontonians don't give a darn about the praries anymore than they do Nunavut or PEI so why would they shove anything down your throat? They've got their own fish to fry. Give me an example of a Torontonian ever stating they are better than everyone else in Canada and how great they are?

I think prarie folks like you who whine about Toronto just want Toronto's attention and they won't give it to so you spout off all the time.


I would’ve shown you some pix, but they all ran away when I was fiddling around in my pocket rushing to whip out my cam. :twisted:

Toronto - Tens of thousands of Canadian football fans are getting ready for the big weekend.

Streets surrounding the Rogers Centre are about to become tailgate-party central, with more than a dozen big events planned to keep those in town for the Grey Cup busy.

But efforts to impress our Grey Cup guests are going unnoticed. Toronto is being sacked for its lack of spirit, with Western fans saying we're not being a very good host.

Pancake breakfasts, tailgate parties, and concerts aren't enough to keep critics from Saskatchewan and Winnipeg happy.

Not even mid-morning till dusk parties are enough for hardcore CFL fans

Morning show co-host of our sports station, THE FAN 590 Don Landry told 680News that even though the Rogers Centre is sold out and there is plenty to do, it's not good enough.

"We can't win when it comes to the perspective from western Canada," said Landry. "Frankly, we shouldn't care about it and we shouldn't even try. Just go and have a fun time, Toronto."

I could find more but I think you get the point.

I think Toronto is doing waaaaaayyyy better than the 92 (93?) Grey Cup. The League is doing waaaaayyy better overall too. The game is soldout and I don't hear people whining in TO. Really just people on the street not understanding why all the drunks are yelling: "Let's go Bombers" or "Let's go Riders" trying to get run over by late night traffic without a proper coat on.

The atmosphere has picked up this weekend I noticed. There was even a "parade" today, prompted by one of the forum members I believe, those sidewalk bandit deviants.

The bars here are generating interest too. I could be biased, go lions, but I think Vancouvers "Party on the Pacific" was more noticeable and celebrated, if you wanna compare "World Class" lovin metropolises (what?) but it's been pretty good here too.

To this I say, Good On ya' TO, way to bring in the Hot Prairie girls! And your wrong SnM, they're not all hairy at all... silky fine.

Right, BC media never says anything negative about Toronto eh Swerving?

Give me a break!

re " if we are to believe what organizers tell us:"--- Typical jab, most T.O media trash talk is the norm. But they love the team from green bay????

Toronto is doing a great job of hosting the Grey Cup. What prairie people tend to forget is that there is much more to do in TO than attending Grey Cup festivities. On the prairie the biggest excitement you get is watching the cow wander out to the pasture. Watching the neighbours half ton drive by. Or attend barn dances. I have not heard of TO media knocking Grey Cup. But I have heard small town media knocking TO. You could stay in TO for 2 weeks and would not run out of things to do.

Swervin, no offence, but I think you should take a Canadian Politics course. This issue is a lot deeper than just the CFL and Grey Cup.

Oh, and guys, lets try to keep the stereotypes out of the discussion, huh?

Its nothing against the city of Toronto.
Becuase lets face facts here people.
I've been to Tornton many times, and many of their citizens don't even know what country they live in, let alone know what a Grey Cup is.

The probem is with their media. The same old writers who write these ridicuolous articles. Thats who CFL fans venom is aimed at.

I wouldn't expect the whole city Toronto to rally around the Grey Cup. Its just their superior thinking media who get under people's skin.

Hi Hamiltonian here,

As a true Hamiltonian, it pains me to say this... but Toronto truly is doing a fine job. I went to the festivities yesterday and they were amazing, so much to do, and even the Argo fans were very friendly with us. I've been to a few grey Cups in other cities, and TO is right on track with the others.

Sorry Western Canada, usually I'm on your side when it comes to bashing Toronto, but I don't think you have a case here. Give credit where it's due.

The CFL is not dead in Hogtown.

Then everyone should stop dumping on Toronto.

Oh, and guys, lets try to keep the stereotypes out of the discussion, huh?
On THIS board??? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I did, I took 3 in University (U of C and U of A). Whats your point? Toronto bashing comes down to little man syndrome, even if it comes out of Vancouver.

And for the little man who bashed TSN on the other thread… TSN may be out of Toronto but they have singlehandedly injected a big amount of fresh air into a dying league over the past few years with Friday night football and their televising almost every game.

Agreed. From what I have seen and heard, TO is doing a great job. The city is just so big, it's unrealistic to expect the party to be in every corner of it.

The media is just facing the facts, had the Argos been in it, the party and spirit would have been much much better. That's not an excuse, just the facts.