Neg List Contracts

We all know the debate about the neg lists, but there is something I don't know about the contract side of things:

  • Player/Agent demands a reasonable contract from the team that holds their neg lists rights
  • Team has 10 days to provide a contract offer or the player becomes a free agent
  • Team offers contract and whether accepted or not, holds the players rights for another year.

What happens after that?

Can the contract offer be pulled and the team still retain his rights for the year?
Does the player become a free agent if the contract is pulled?
Can the player wait until the last day of the one year time period to sign the contract and have that count as year 1 of the standard 2 year contract? (like how if a player signs after NFL camp cuts, it counts as year one of the contract)

What happens after the year is up? Does another contract offer from the rights holding team give another year? Does the player automatically become a free agent once the year is up?

Obviously, the impetus for this question the current situation with a specific player, but I imagine these 'rules' (such as they are) apply to anyone on a neg list, and I have no idea of the answer to any of these questions.

Great questions. I hope someone with knowledge and not guesses can answer this. Maybe someone from the Cats organization like Tillman can as he was the one talking about our players on the neg. list.

Would the CFL site offer such information or someone who can answer these questions…

From what I see here (reading between the lines a bit), the one year starts on the day the first offer is made. Any subsequent offer would be considered part of the negotiation. And withdrawing an offer without making another would release the player from the neg list.

As a fan it is nice to know who is on the neg list but I don't really care for all the rules and red tape. They don't tell us when contract offers are requested, when players are added or deleted from neg list so I don't pay much attention to it.

Contracts with neg list players would be the same as with any other player. The year the contract is signed counts as the first year, regardless of when in the season it's signed. Sign before training camp or sign at the end of the season, that year is the first of the contract.

(I could be wrong, but I don't think so.)

You are correct CFIO.

My only addition for clarity to this would be:

“End of the season”. Only if there are actual games remaining. If it’s after the conclusion of the season, then the following year is the first year.

Since neg list players cannot have played in the CFL previously, all neg list contracts are deemed “First Contract” and is therefore the club must offer a 1+1. 1 year plus a club option for a second year.

Here’s a link to my google drive with a copy of the CBA.

As an aside, I have archived all the official CFL material like stats packs, media guides, draft guides, CBA’s, By-Laws etc etc etc on my Google Drive from 2014 onwards. If you’d like a link, just send me a PM.