Needing some support, here. . .

I'll sweet talk the hubby - maybe I can con him into setting things up for me. . .Wishful thinking, though - he'll likely tell me to do it myself! See if I wash HIS dishes again. . . :smiley:

for someone who gets mad at sexist stereotypes.....u have no problem tellin everyone how much u conform to them.... :roll:

any comment i had made ( which angered u ), was pure, light-hearted humor. much like the comments your posting now.

Understandable - lightheartedness and humour is good - but be sure to keep in mind that comments about women like that coming from a woman are somehow taken in a different light than when they are coming from a man. That doesn't make it right, I know, but it has a grain of truth in it. I think the issue between us before was that you made the comment, perhaps in fun, but the way you retracted it seemed almost as an afterthought - whether or not it was intended that way, that is how it was perceived - and there was no intent for an apology, which angered people further. I can laugh at stereotypes, and if someone asks me if I have housework to do I have no problem with that - as long as it's obvious that the intent is purely innocent. And, to clarify - I wasn't overly angry - I just wanted overwhelming proof of the 'facts' presented - and none came.

[url=] ... sld013.htm[/url]

facts to back-up, what i woulda thought...was common-sence :?

No problem, I'll give you that one. However, I'm going to nit-pick a little. You stated, in different ways, that the bulk of the fans in the stands were male. No offense meant here, but I'd be interested in seeing those stats, too. I'll easily concede the other point about overall interest to you, since you've shown some evidence to back up your claim.

don't u think a similar ratio would apply?!?! :shock:

It's not a foregone conclusion. . .but I will concede that you are most likely correct. It wasn't your reasoning that bothered me - it was your lack of backing-up that did - using generalizations and such.

i thought these facts woulda been common knowledge.

if u told me that ’ u need a licence to fly a plane’…i wouldnt ask for facts to prove this.

…I think it was just timing…btw, are you being rude by not replying to the pm I sent you?..

........the fact sheet from the Gov of Ontario you posted though is interesting and does provide credence to the point you made........I must sit in a pretty lucky spot then at McMahon.......aside from my 15 yr old son on my right there's a 20-ish blonde on the left, three early 30-ish ladies in front, a late teens brunette next to my son and four 40-ish sisters behind the whole section I'd say the male to female split is 50/50......

a very lucky spot indeed.

redandwhite…im not being rude…sorry, im not sure how to respond to that PM…but i had thought we had made amends b4 u PM’s me?!..u said have a good weekend, and i said u2 and your family?

not sure if that was deleted along with the thread it was i b4 u read it?

.....sounds were right, I forgot how that string ended.....

..btw, to reply to a pm, theres a NEW REPLY button below the word frame, for future reference.....