Needing some support, here. . .

Well, I'm off to Sunny BC on Thursday for a family wedding, and in the process will miss ALL FOUR CFL GAMES THIS WEEK. Who does this???? Who plans these things? Is someone prepared to do the game call for me so that I can at least have some idea of what happened during the games? I'd really appreciate it. Any takers?

Hellothere has been doing it for quite a while. I cant tell you if he will this weekend.

im sure i can do it for most games, as i will be watchin anyways.
aslong as im at my house watchin, then i will.

Hellothere is TOO nice... :smiley:

I know hellothere does it, and he seems to enjoy it, but I don't really want to be an inconvenience - I know it takes a tonne of work. If I'm the only one that wants it, then I don't want people to go out of their way. I just want to be able to (sort of) know what I'm talking about next week.

By the way - nods to hellothere for his hard work calling the games.

i guess u've been rude enough to turn down my offer ....

I wasn't turning down anyone's offer - I'll take up anyone if they're willing to do it. I just re-read that post, and it did sound kind of like that's what I was doing. Allow me to clarify: I know it's a lot of work for someone to take on calling four games in progress, and therefore I don't want to impose on anyone who feels they'd be doing it to help out little old me when they'd really rather not be. If you wanna take it on, I'd be eternally grateful.

I might be able to do some. I'll check in later this week and tell you.

what about the radio stations... that you can listen to the games on the Internet with the different teams radio stations

I'd love to see those games, so if anyone wants to pose as me this weekend at this wedding, feel free - requirements: five-foot-two, red hair. . .if you're a guy, you can dress in drag - I've got a killer skirt you can borrow. . .otherwise they'd know it wasn't me there. . . :smiley:

jm02 just mail your presentation and stay home and watch the games yourself or maybe use that little thing called a VCR...they still do work...

Okay - gotta submit to the stereotype here. Confession time - I can't program a VCR. My god, am I stepping into a rat's nest here. . . :oops:

i think this is the part the thread dies...

TiVO would good right about now

No kidding. I might see if I can get them taped. Have to hook up the VCR, though. . .hasn’t been used in a while. . .Ah - I’ve got three days to figure it out, right?

Here's a crash course.
You go to the VCR, put your mouth in the opening, tell it what you want recore, then put the tape on top of it (it'll take it when it's time on it's own) and finally, an alarm clock next to it so it can tell when to start. Of course other people are going to give version where you put the tape IN the VCR but it won't work. Believe me :wink:

You cheeky bugger. . .it's a good thing you're only fifteen, or I'd have several colourful words for you. . .j/k, of course. . . :mrgreen:

hmmmmm…discussd it with my wife…she doesn’t think a 6’2 225lb browned haired guy could pass for you…I was almost there then the part about waxing my legs came up…

My VCR is crap...Ask a bud to come over or something so he can help you out..I'm sure VCR's cost just as much as a beer at a football game right now.

A VCR/DVD combo is close to 80 bucks around here which is just below what ANYTHING costs at a football game now. It's a freaking robbery. You just have to know where to look :wink:
(I've got to stop using those :wink: ****! I did it again)