Need U.S. Sirius subscribers help

I have contacted Sirius about broadcasting CFL games on the US Sirius radio. I got a response from them saying that they understand that many Americans are interested in the CFL games and will take it into consideration if they keep getting request for it. I even asked them if i could subscribe under Sirius Canada or even pay extra for it and they told me i couldn’t. So if you are an American and have Sirius please contact them and tell them you want to be able to listen to the games. Now here is my little speech to my fellow Americans, this is the least we can do to promote this league, it only takes a minute. Here’s the link

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SIRIUS Canada, the Official Satellite Radio Partner of the CFL, is the exclusive North American satellite radio broadcaster for CFL games and content, including the 94th annual Grey Cup to be held in Winnipeg on November 19, 2006. CFL fans across North America will be able to listen to live CFL game action on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, the country’s leading satellite radio provider with the best and most exclusive sports programming available. Kicking-off at the start of the 2006 season, CFL regular season games, the playoffs and the Grey Cup championship game will be broadcast live on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

Now whether or not it is available to US subscribers is another story