Need to get rid of the NI rules

Who cares where a player is born. The CFL needs to get out of the dark ages and get rid of the non import rules so that fans do not have to watch watered down football and really bad teams like Winnipeg and Edmonton have. Teams like the Eskimos and the Bombers could improve much faster creating a more competitive league. Many Canadians drafted by CFL teams end up in the NFL which leaves those teams selecting them not able to replace them with quality players from the states. Canadian College/ University programs will be just fine without the CFL's no import rules.

Get rid of this bush league rule for the betterment of the game. It is a good thing that these crappy teams are in good fan based markets. For if they were in Toronto or BC they would have folded like a cheap tent already due to lack of attendance.

bah humbug

From a business point of view, I agree that more imports would be cheaper and produce stronger teams. However non-import rules protect Canadian jobs so that unique CFL remains mostly Canadian. When Canadians have extra years of work experience, they can become as competent as Americans college players.

Only dummies and complete idiots don't understand that by providing opportunities at a high level in Canada, for Canadians to play at after college that aren't "quite right" for the big bucks NFL system, doesn't make sense.

Let me repeat, dummies and complete idiots. Now whoever can delete this post if they want to.

I hope the CFL dies out of existence before I ever have to go see Americans play in this league in Canada, Canadian league, that isn't even considered "major" and never will be regardless of the number of Americans, er non-imports, allowed to play.

Ok, if there is a chance it will be "major" ie. pay what the NFL pays, then no problem, forget the import rule. Then it's all about "the best", "the most", "no countries involved in player backgrounds" etc. But that isn't going to happen, the NFL has this brick locked up, key, stock and barrel, end of story. After that, anything goes and that's the beauty of non-major leagues that can never be "major", they can define their own rules as to how they see fit and if that means gonzo as a league, so be it. Let's give our own here a chance to play pro in their country and win an iconic trophy called the Grey Cup. Wow, who would have thought?

Sorry shadow, that's the way I see it and you probably disagree, that's your choice. You see it as "bush league", I see it as "beauty" so don't follow the league at all, get lost, don't need ya buddy, you have no purpose as a fan IMHO of the CANADIAN Football League, don't waste your time or money on the league. Why would you follow a "bush" league or even come on here if you think it's "bush"? Don't disgrace yourself. I see the NHL as "pure crap" and it's "major' with "the best". So "crap" is all in the eyes of the beholder my friend. And MLB is boring, basketball is "crap" IMHO and the NFL is ok as at least it's football, with inferior "crap" rules compared with the NFL but still better than MLB, NHL and NBA. And then there is soccer, ok, won't go there. :wink:

The league is fine the way it is. Just signed a record TV deal. If you were going to do away with the NI , you may as well become a farm league to the NFL and play by NFL rules. Winnipeg and Edmonton only have themselves to blame. Change the rules to let inept managed teams,catch up is ridiculous and stupid. :roll:

shadow, remember, to me the Toronto Maple Leafs are "bush league" compared with the Hamilton TigerCats. I don't expect you to understand that or get it, but that's the way it is to me. Sorry my man.

From the Ticats forum, a post from Bob Young. I figured, rather than posting my own comments - yet again - I'd repost the comments made by an owner. For those claiming that the import rule is bad business, you might want to read this a few times.

I do.

I'd rather see the league go the way of most pro sports leagues in the world and even further restrict the number of foreign nationals working in the league.

I say reduce the number of imports to 20 or 25%, but if they remain with the same team for 4 or 5 years, then give them non-import status. This would give fans a better chance to get to know players as they would stick around for longer.

However, I also wouldn't mind leaving things the way they are now. They seem to be working pretty well. Maybe with the new TV deal cash, add a couple of non-starter roster spots for non-imports if/when they increase the salary cap. Juk. Over time hopefully we can get more Canadians working in this league, I wouldn’t want it otherwise. :thup:

Thanks CFiO For posting what BY had mentioned.

The CFL is not the only professional sports league that has restrictions on imported talent. MLS, most European hockey leagues, some professional baseball and basketball leagues have restrictions on foreign players. Time to stop complaining about the NI rule.

Here's another thread on the Ticats forum discussing the import rule. All 24 pages of it.

Need more NIs, not less or none. Unrestricted Imports would quickly lead to the league being a development system for the NFL, on the order of NFL Europe

There's already a league which has no NI rules, go follow that one and leave Canadian football alone. :roll:

I agree 1000%. Scrap the import rule and let the best players get the roster spot regardless of nationality. Why should an 8 team league be stuck with 2 dog teams like Winnipeg and Edmonton when, without the import rule, we could have quality teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions. (insert appropriate smilie here)

I think we need to get rid of shadow...

But what is the "ideal" number of NI starters? I don't think there are ENOUGH good Canadian players coming out of the CIS ranks to supply 9 teams. It gets worse next year when there will be 9 teams and the talent pool is reduced even further. Ideally if Canadians were good enough they would beat out the Imports for a job, but they are just not good enough.
The weak link on most CFL teams in the "O" line - it's the traditional Canadian position, teams are required to start Canadians so they are put in the non-talent position. We end up with the less talented, inexperienced NIs facing experienced, ex-NFL, ex-NCAA defences. We do have some good Canadian players but nowhere near enough.

Keep the NI rules but REDUCE IT. We get to see the more talented, exciting players and we keep the NI rule lovers satisfied.

If the number of starting imports were increased from the current 16 to 17 or 18, which positions would you expect teams to use those players in? My guess is that your concern over the offensive line would not disappear, as teams would most likely use those additional imports at the skill positions, leaving the o-line alone. Meaning we could say good-bye to the non-import receiver.

Are the non-import players on the PR really that much worse than the ones on the roster? Most of them would have been last-minute cuts, the same as the imports on the PR. Adding one more team adds seven more starting non-imports to the league's active rosters - less than one per team. I'm thinking there's enough talent to go around.

I'd rather watch a league full of former CIS and CJFL players.

So yeah, get rid of the non-import rule. From here on in, non-imports only. :thup:

For anyone thinking that the quality of players in the CFL is lower because of the import rule, I have two words for you. Chris Williams.

The reason CFL cannot attract and retain the best players has nothing to do with the import rule; it's primarily the result of the salary cap. The OP stated that the top non-imports end up heading south. Well, the same applies to imports. Wake. Thigpen. Medlock. The list goes on.

Eliminating the import rule won't change much about the quality of play. But it will decrease the interest in the league among some fans, those of us who appreciate watching local talent.

Williams is a special case. A man (and I use the term lightly) without the integrity to live up to his end of a legal contract. Good riddance to players like that.

I don't think Wake and the rest left only for money, they left for the BIG show. Like or dislike the NFL that is where the talent is and any top athlete wants to compete against the best. Money is a part of it, but even if the CFL had the money to compete I don't see a flood of player north because the NFL and the Super Bowl is the top of the mountain for a pro player.

The OP is deluding himself with this nonsense. Basically what he wants is an NFL team in Canada playing CFL rules. Pipe dream my friend and the pipe is empty.