Need the O-line, AND the right FOOTWEAR!!!!!!!

How many of these foul weather games with the Esks have had some kind of footwear controversy?
One was definitely cheating by the Mo's and many have been about the Blue not getting the right shoes before game time.
Let's be on this for once!

...i say we get all the Bomber footwear down to Canadian Tire right away and have studs permanently embedded into them...then we'll keep from slip slidin away....ALSO...someone should get to Rickys locker, with a bar of soap and grease up his cleats.....that should do kidding aside we better be prepared to grip that field...can't say the Blue crew didn't get fair warning....GOBIGBLUE....IT'S TIME TO LAY A SPANKIN ON THOSE (p) eskys... :rockin: :rockin: