Need some information Who remembers player Chris Ball?


He is presently listed as a Ticats free agent at

He didn't get any play on Defence only Special Teams.

Do u know anything about his skills as a football player was he good or not?

Where did u find out that he was still on the team

He's not on the team, but lists him as a free agent with the Cats being his last team in 2005. I don't remember him playing at all with us in 2006.

I don't remember much about him - a couple of nice tackles on special teams and that's about it.

A 30 year old small linebacker with a handfull of games under his belt - he has a slim chance of getting signed by someone to play this year.

Chris is perhaps better known as a footballer in the remake of "The Longest Yard"

If I remember correctly, he was a no-show at TC because of a movie commitment as the rumour had it. Hence the suspension.

He made some heads-up plays from where I was sitting and I was rooting for him.

He was working on a great smile, last time I talked with him.

Do u think he is gonna play this season? Is that him the guy in my first post? You talk to him regularly, if u do ask him if u don't know cause i really wanna know if he will come back and play.

sounds to me like you've taken a shine too him!!


"Are you talking to me??" :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes I have taken a liken to him :oops:

Found him.

He is looking as handsome as ever!!

Boy I hope he comes back!!

:lol: no kidding :lol: I think he put on a couple of pounds though! :wink: :lol:

( man, is PrincessE in for a shock ) :?

Thats not the Chris Ball i was talking about this is the Chris Ball

Finally I think I have located him for you.
I think I should be a detective!!

Another mystery solved!!

Nope thats not him he’s an African-American look above at my other post thats the one i’m talking about. :smiley:

i believe he was here:

I heard he was in commercial real estate in the U.S.


This is who i'm talking about

Just a guess, Princess, but I think the people posting pictures of white men are joking around.

Then thats not funny :x

No dead horse I can't beat:

This must be the Chris Ball you're talking about. It seems he was considered a defensive specialist and a team leader, especially in his administration of Erithward of Bexleyheath, in darkest Kent.