Need Some Grey Cup Advice

Hope it is ok to post this here, but I thought who would know better than an Alouettes Fan. Planning on coming to Grey Cup this year. I was in Toronto last year and had a great time. This is what I need help with. What is the location of where most of the teams host their parties (reception) last year almost everything was at the Convention Centre. Is there sort of a central location or area in Montreal where that will be happening. I wish to book my hotel close to that location so I can walk to and from most events. Any hotel suggestions. I know Montreal and the Alouettes will put on a great show. I am looking forward to it. Any advice or comments would be helpful.
Thanks, Niagara Guy

Traffic is really nasty in Montreal, make sure you book a hotel downtown. Most are good if you can find something north of Blv. Rene-Levesque even better. There are some nice Beds and breakfeasts on Sherbrooke street.

The best place to stay depending on budjet is really the Sheraton on rene levesque you are close to everything Bell center and Clubs, Ex: Chez Paree..
Seriously though the there will be alot of things going on in the area alot of activities on and around cresent street. which is 4 blocks over from the seraton. Montreal doesn't need an event to know how to party and have a good time unlike a few other of the leagues towns...Any way shave Fun when your here
Never know we could meet.

Exactly what I was gonna say Gazoo. There's gonna be parties everywhere.

Crescent, Ste-Catherine and I think the Grey Cup village will be on Peel again in the park, right?