need new O and D lines; receivers who can catch

My take on the Ticat performance in BC:

Offensive line: these guys should be embarassed to take home a paycheque. I can’t think of one guy I’d want to keep from this unit going into next year.

D-Line: same story. If our linebackers and DB’s didn’t blitz, we never would have gotten to Pierce all night. McKay’s play has been brutal, and getting this new guy, Kashama, has been like flushing money down a toilet.

Receivers: several dropped passes. Big Play Rodriguez dropped two TD passes and a first down catch. Bauman missed an easy first down throw. Mitchell dropped two or three, meeting his weekly quota. And Tony Miles had another brutal game, proving again that when it comes to hauling down first down passes over the middle, he is more chicken than tiger.

Anyway, Obie’s job is clearly to rebuild the O and D Lines, and to either find some better reeceivers for next year, or make some of the young ones who have shown some promise this year catch 5000 balls each practice until they learn how to do it automatically in a game…like all of BC’s receivers do.

Oh, and it would also be nice to finally have a return guy who can make it past our 40 yard line once in a blue moon. Tre Smith just isn’t good enough, people.