need more teams in cfl

I don't know about everybody else but i can not get into this game on sunday, just listened to tony galliger on 1040,and he was talking about how the cfl needs more teams in our league, for the crey cup to mean anything,and i totaly agree,for me to get on this band wagon i need to see more teams in this league, at least four more,If we win this grey cup there will not be the celebration, it could have if this league would expand (stay away from ottawa)and bulid,so there you go, also this league needs somebody to market around and Casey Printers was him, i hope he come back to our league, because we need it in a bad way,I mean who are you going to market this league around Dave Dickenson, yeah right'That's why ratings was down for television, attendance was down for the whole league, and if this league continues to go the way it is , it is going to fold in about 10 years, that is why the mid 80's was so powerfull because we had Dewalt and Fernandeze in vancouver, Warren Moon and Brian Kelly in Edmonton,Tom Clements, and Murphy (i forgot his first name)In Winnipeg, Deter Brook in Hamilton, Congridge Halloway in Toronto,So right there is about 4-5 teams that were power houses, and that is why when you won a grey cup in those day's it ment something, now a days you are luckey to get 5,000 out to a celebration.Because fan's wan't to be more challanged when there team wins, want to feel that thier team is the best in the world, well winning the grey cup you are not the best in the world, you are the best in canada BIG DEAL, Look waht happend when the blue jay's won the world series, that is why this city only talks about hockey because we are a big time city , not a small town were we will except only second best,we wan't a stanley cup then we will feel that we are the best city in the world, so all you cfl fan's out there do not get mad at this statment i wrote, because sometimes the truth hurts. Al in All the cfl is a good league but it needs some idenity.

I will tell you right if we talk about the lions as much as we do about the canucks other people in this city would think we are small town and would not like it and all the radio sports talk stations would lose ratings, so that is the way it folks,that is reality,face it or not some things will never change unless they do something about it.

Pro football is a business and economics limit the number of teams that can be viable. There aren't enough money, owners, population and stadiums. Perhaps, we should be satisfied with 8-9 teams?

8 is Working Well ..
Ottawa Market has proven to be unstable..
it not worth the Risk..

Possible CFL Expansion :

Ottawa : Good CFL Stadium No Owner Huge Risk.
Quebec City: Current Stadium Needs to be Enlarge .. No Owner
St Johns: No Stadium No Owner
Windsor : Current Stadium Needs to be Enlarge .No Owner

You need to find owners with deep pockets to have more teams, and you have to have locations with stadiums big enough. Right now, only Ottawa has a proper stadium.

i hope you meant saint johns not st johns although both ideas are crazy compared to halifax, qc, ott, or windsor even.

Ottawa is viable and is without question the next place to “expand”… all the pieces are there other than solid ownership, which seems to be coming along. The team failed previously because of terrible owners. (The Rough Riders/Senators/… existed in various forms from fricken’ 1876 to 1996!! and it was only when the Dweebermans came into town that things really turned sour…)

I am a huge fan of expanding the league but it has to be done with solid ownership and in places with a significant potential fan base. After Ottawa, Halifax is probably the next most promising site but there is no stadium yet. Quebec City is also a possibility but again there’s no stadium.

Who cares if there are only eight teams? Ideally, we would have 10 teams, with a stable franchise in Ottawa and one other to balance out the schedule (i.e. in the maritimes to make it a truly coast to coast league). But, really, what's the big deal? If that's just another reason for ego-inflated losers to trash the CFL, they should consider the facts - this is CANADA, we have just over 32 million people last time I checked. If there are 30 NFL teams and we can eventually have 10 CFL teams - we're doing pretty good, consdering they have 10 times our population, but not 10 times our number of teams.

As I said before, if the NHL was only based in Canada (no US teams), they wouldn't be able to have teams anywhere else either.

The CFL can and will continue to improve, but in the meantime, why not just enjoy it for what it is? Quality, affordable entertainment with a lot of very skilled athletes who are just way too small to survive amongst the "monsters" south of the border.

Notice the guy posting this thread is NOT a BC or CFL fan . Ya he seems to suffer from ego problems that cause him to make dumb statements about the CFL not being big enough for him so he can't get into it. This guy has made other equally dumb anti-CFL statements and you got to wonder why he posts here in the first place.

The league works well and is enjoyable with 8 teams. I'd love to see 10 teams and I think it would give the league some added credibility with "fans" like DannyDan. Either way, 8 teams or 10, I'm still going to buy my season tickets, I'm still going to watch the Grey Cup, and I'm still going to cheer the Lions.

I challenge this man's logic.

The NHL was 3 teams when it started in 1917-18, 1 Canadian Team gone (LOL and its OTTAWA btw, lol), 4 US teams added) was the same from 1925-26 till 67-68, thus proving you can have some of the greatest sport in history with only 6 teams.

Ottawa would be here if not for owners. Either way there will obviously be ten teams one day, and just another bonus for us CFL fans in the long run, the one thing i think about being 22 right now is, how many teams are there gonna be when i'm 82? 400?

More team is a good idea to raise up CFL, but carefully. You can't create a new team without money and guarantee...You need a stadium, an owner and fans. Ottawa, it could be a first solution, but it will be better with ten why not Quebec? Or St John's, Halifax...and White Horse to represent northern Canada!!! :lol:

For the moment it's a good thing to have a league with 8 good and stable teams, isn't it?


Tony Galliger is exactly one of those stereotype all NHL Vancouver media types with no crediblity when it comes to the CFL. This guy doesn't even know the CFL exists so who cares what he thinks. If he had it his way there would only be hockey on all the time.

and if I had my way, hockey wouldn't exist at all...boring!!