Need info

I'm a season ticket holder and cannot make one of the games this season, what can i do wil my tickets if i cannot sell them?? Can they be sold back to the cats??? Get a refund etc??

i doubt you can get a refund, your best bet is to sell them, or even better sell them to me for half price :smiley:

i got friends who would go! ill buy them face value! :slight_smile:

You can always exchange your unused game tickets for a future regular season game this year (except labour day).

Hi whositwhatnow:

I would say that you don't have to sell them for less than you paid.
See Cotton fan's offer. It's a good one.
Incase that one doesn't pan out for you, put more information on this web site regarding seat location, value, etc.

The crowds at Ivor Wynne are huge this year and seats are in demand for a lot of games.

Good luck!

Trade 'em in for another game and bring a couple friends. Share the wealth baby! case scenario is get somebody to a game that has never experienced it live!

Works like a charm...that's how you hook them!