Need help with this Ivor Wynne Memory

One of the first games I ever attended in my own personal seasons seats was back in the mid-90's (pretty sure it was 1994).

In this particular game, a player from the visiting game (which was one of the American teams, but I can't remember which one) hit a Ticat on the south-side sidelines, and drove him into the wall somewhere around midfield. It was the only I'm I've ever seen a helmet split. I recall that the Ticat (can't remember who) was taken off the field, and the player who made the late hit was tossed from the game.

I have a vague recollection that it could have been an offensive player (RB?) and that it was an interception return.

Anyone remember this, and who the players were?


Don't remember this, but if it was 1994 then it's Sacramento, Shreveport or Baltimore.

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I remember the 1993 Sacramento game, and how at the end of the game a few of the Gold Miner linemen were down on one knee trying to catch their breath, obviously not used to the faster pace of the CFL games the Ti-Cat fans and the team celebrated the win.