Need Help: Putting a name on a Jeresy.

So I'm at the Sports Obsession webpage and I'm about to purchase a Tiger-Cats jeresy.


What name do I put on the Jeresy?

I could put the name of a favorite player on the jersey but with player movement these days... what if that player doesn't even make it through the season? Hey... How's Josh Ranek doing anyways?


I could put my own name. But my concern is this... I AM NOT A TIGER-CAT. Is it an insult to the men that sweat and bleed in order to wear that jeresy if I slap my name on one?

Help... because I'm about to order it!

ps - I could always go with Ron Mexico.

LOL I do like the Ron Mexico idea. Why not put the name of a former Tiger-Cat, like Montford,McManus or such

I held off on the purchase because I'm still torn on what to do... but I do like the idea of putting Montford on the jersey. My old ticats screen name used to be MontfordSacks... so that could work.

I'm going to get my favourit all-time Cat Garney Henley's name and number on mine I've decided.

well i aslo hate the whole jersey problem this team is having lol, i bought a white Amerson jersey for the 2005 upcoming season he did not end up playing, in 2006 he was released, Ranek took his number 9 so i went and payed to get Ranek on the back and Amerson off, now ranek is gone and im now waiting for my Mckay Jersey To Come Back, lol crazyness im hoping mckay is a keeper!

This Why My Main Jersery has My Name on the Back.
Players get Cut Traded Retire..

I have gold Holmes Jersery as 2nd one..

yeh i have a number 21 jason goss jersey as well. so much for that im gettin gBLITZ put on the back of it over goss, so my jersey will Say


so if u see me in the stand! thats me! its black :smiley: