Need help picking a Ticats hoodie

As I don't live near Hamilton, and am therefore unable to visit the Tigertown store, I need some assistance / advice from someone who does.

I recently ordered the B47 Scrimmage Hoodie from the online Tigertown store. When it arrived, I found that it wasn't quite what I was hoping for, and I'll be returning it. The main problem with it is the seam across the top of the pocket, which I realize now after looking at the picture a little closer is designed to be raw, but to me it just looks unfinished. Also, the material is not what I expected from the description; it's almost like a canvas or really heavy denim and not at all fleecy.

So as I said, it's going back. And with the store return policy, I'll be getting a credit. I still want to buy a hoodie, but now I don't know which one to get, mainly because I don't know what quality each one is. And this is where you Hamilton residents come in. The shirts I'm now looking at are the HTC Ticats Wordmark Hoodie and the HTC Authentic Hoodie. Next time someone is in the store, could I please get you to check the material and workmanship of these two shirts for me and let me know what you think?

Thank you.

I got this one a few months ago. The quality is decent and has a nice fleece feel. Very warm also for those cold nights in the stadium.

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Thanks. Good to know. I prefer the look of the black sweatshirts, but I'm still considering this one. Actually, if it came in the colours of the full-zip one next to it, I'd have my answer.

This one I bought at the store at Lime Ridge mall last Saturday. Partly for the look and partly because it was the ONLY hoodie I could find there in a XXXL. I haven't worn it yet, so I'm not sure how warm it could be....

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Maybe it's me, but I find their sizing on the small side....

It looks like this one is by the same manufacturer as the two I'm looking at, so would probably be a good comparison. Don't really care (yet) how warm it is, as I won't be wearing it (yet) to any games (until 2014 when Ottawa gets its team, no thanks to the "Friends" of Lansdowne - no friends of me). I'm looking more for something casual I can wear around town that looks good so my wife (not a football fan, unfortunately :frowning: ) won't be embarassed being seen with me.

Also good to know. The one I bought first seems to be a good fit for me, but it's a different manufacturer. Fingers crossed.