Need help on Esks playoff run

I have a boss that does not beleive me when I told him that the Esks have not missed the playoff in 34 years. So I made him a bet ( it's only for a beer) but I can not find any thing on the web exept a little blerp in the site, and he said that he read last week in an Edmonton news paper that they missed the playoff in 1985 ( I new this is is not true). I can find lots of web site that list the Grey Cup winners and the year, but non of them list who was in the playoffs that year. Can anybody help mfe out?

try this'll have to click the links, but it works.....

[url=] ... 960-69.htm[/url]

........tell him a stampeder fan said it's much better confessional can he ask for?.......

YES THINK YOU!!! Now I got a kokanee comming my way.

Just ONE beer? Grief, that was hardly worth my time then..... :slight_smile:

He was talking the whole plant jm :slight_smile:

....well, that's different then.....where's my cut??

This one from last year spell it out

[url=] ... 84657.html[/url]