Need Help! Going to game on July 1st

I bought my Dad tickets for the July 1st game, through Wagjag (2 bronze level tickets for $55). We are going to the Jays game at 1PM in TO and then will be heading to Hamilton to catch the Ticats game at 6PM. I figure the baseball game should be done by 4pm. Will this give us enough time to travel from the Skydome to Ivor Wynn. I looked on google maps and it says its about a 1 hour drive. I know traffic can be bad in TO sometimes. How long does it typically take to get from downtown TO to Hamilton? It will be a holiday (July 1st), so hopefully traffic isn't too bad. The only thing that sucks is that we have to wait until game day to pick up our tix at Will Call once we arrive at the stadium. Is there usually a long line there? My tickets will be in either section 5 or 9. Are all of these bleacher seats or are they regular seats with a back rest? How is the view from these sections? I've never been to a Ti-Cats game before. Thanks in advance for answering my questions.

P.S. How is parking around the stadium? Is there lots available? I see on the website that its $20, that seems a bit excessive. Are there any private lots or free parking with walking distance to the stadium?

If you don't already know the area around the stadium, parking can be a dicy proposition unless you want to shell out the $20 for parking at Scott Park. There is some street parking and people renting out their lawns, but those spots can disappear fast as game time approaches.

Hamilton also has a lot of one way streets that can screw you up if you're driving in the city for the first time.

There are shuttle buses that run from some of the shopping malls, so that's an option too:

Well first of all, I would leave early from the Jays game (hopefully its a blow out) just so you can beat all the 4000 fans from Skydome that take the same route. And yes, I'm sure traffic will be horrible getting out of T.O. However ther are the commuter lanes that you can take advantage of in Oakville that take you very close to Hamilton. When you do get close to Hamilton there will be a fork cut off. One will be to Main St. and the other will be East Hamilton. Im not sure which one will get you there sooner, but i would investigate before you come out. I would think East Hamilton to Burlington St.
Next, if your cutting it close, forget about street or lawn parking cause they will be gone. If there is time to spare, people will have signs posted for parking for about 5 or 10 bucks. The $20 parking lot at Scott Park is well worth the money if your a tailgate party goer. I've been going to that lot for years and its THE BEST!!!......4 or 5 hours before the game with pops and bbq!!! :smiley:
Good luck with the one way streets. Once your in find a spot, grab it before you start smashing your head off the dash in frustration....its not so bad.
And the will call window should be no problem at all for ya
Last, those tickets are good seats. Ivor Wynn has the best sight lines in the CFL. Enjoy!!

Its always hard to predict traffic coming out of Toronto, but I don't think its going to be too bad, id say just over an hour maby a little more to be safe. Once your getting into Hamilton id take the QEW Niagara and get off on Burlington street, this will keep you out of down town and you can head right up Gage and start looking for parking.

As for parking it all depends on how much your willing to pay and how far your willing to walk. You can get real close to the stadium if you dont mind giving up $20 or you can park free if you don't mind walking about 10 minutes.