Need help explaing to an NFL message board how we need Toron

Seriously, sign up for IGN and help me, it's such an NFL centered message board that just really doesn't understand us. The guys over there are laughing that we're angry about this.

Im on the Buffalo forum somebody else go to this one I got way too many accounts and passwords.

cut, those people laughing at us probably think that Canada is made up strictly people-wise and geographically wise of the city of Toronto so why wouldn't "Canada" want the NFL here? They might not know how to read maps to be honest. 8)

I went to the site and I don't think anyone there said anything irrational or nasty about Canada. Seems like NFL fans are worried about an historic team like the Bills moving. And that Buffalo has a shrinking population in a depressed region and has to promote itself to the entire area including Toronto. I live in Vancouver and the Seahawks market here, ads in papers, Canada Day game themes, shuttle buses to the games and travel packs. The players and beat reporters are often guests on the sports radio station. Looks like Buffalo is doing the same thing but they need to.

Now at the risk of being labelled an American "wannabe" ( I don't think this issue has anything to do with one's patriotism.)
I love the CFL, I prefer it to the NFL and I'd worry about the future of this league if the NFL came to Toronto is a legal enterprise, a legal product and if it has enough willing consumers in a new market I don't want any government telling either party they don't have the right to do business.

Just an opinion!

Theres protectionism in EVERY Inernational buissness sector.