Need For Offensive Changes

The Alouette offensive played a surpurlative game in the first half against Winnipeg. Cavillo was in great form as demonstrated the first time they got the ball, and Greene, Bratton and Cahoon worked with brillance as the team got great yardage ,until they got to the red zone, where they appeared to settle for a field goal- but, another miss by Duval left them with 1 point for all their great effort. Last year Duval missed several field goals- tonight marked his seventh to date. If this continues the Als mught have to play three down ball in the red zone instead of bringing in Duval and settling for one point. Near the end of the first half, our team owned Winnipeg -Richardson, Greene and Cahoon and Bratton were dong a spendid receiving role and Ithink the score was around 25-0 in their favor. Then came Calvillo's injury and the mighty passing offence stalled.

Chris Leak appeared confident and, was enjoying himself after a rough start at the end of the second quarter. His passes hit the ground twice, he made one effective run and had an interception. In the last half the Als offense showed some movement through screen/ and other short passes and, Leak ran himself. He certainlly can out run Calvillo but his passing is not up to par set by the master QB. However the team turned to Whitaker and, the team utilized the running game and, were able to match the scoring efforts of Winnipeg to win the game.

It appears that Calvillo will be out for a spell and they must revamp their offense to incorporate a running QB and, greater that ever use their fullback to step up the ground game. Bratton might be a significant factor in this potential change of focus as, he runs very well out of the backfield, enjoying one 25 yard romp and has a ten yard per carry yield for the run. Terry Watkins is also good on the end around play and the Alouette QB will himself have to run more often. So until Calvillo returns their offensive package must evolve as noted above.I was watching Emery and, noted he was effective when he moves up to the line creating a 5 man defensive rush but on a couple of his pass coverages he was called for holding. I believe A Stewart got his first sack tonight and Bowman and Mcleven stood out on the rush.

Chip Cox is enjoying a great year and, has scorded more TDs that some of the offensive guys. Hamilton gave us Bekasiak who, with better coaching, is helping on the defensive line. I also liked Woofruff. Leak did not show us the long pass- his were screens and short passes. If the As get a break by being allowed to take a player from the 9 game injury list, I would like to have McPherson show us again what he did in game situations last year. Should Calvillo miss some games It will be interesting to wittness the ground game in action.