Need for a solid Backup Quarterback

I don't have anissue with Durant as the starting quarterback, but like a lot of CFL teams, there is the need for a quality backup. With the upcoming cuts in the NFL, are there any potential candidates?

Or what about Robert Griffin III?

With the stability of the franchise now being called into open question, vis a vis the Wettenhalls starting to get cheap - and mean . . . . . I would think paying a former NFL stud who's washed up on the shores a big ticket is unthinkable.

Even a turf farmer like Willy is getting paid decent coin to wash out his career as an Al.

Pretty itinerant management group with Kavis & Joe Mack. If they had a guy like Reilly, Blow Mitchell or JJ Jennings (even R Ray) they'd be no worse than 5-4, perhaps even 6-3

I do. DurInt is being played top dollar to wreck momentum by systematically turning the ball over. The 2 don't go together.

I don't have an issue with Durant as the starting quarterback,
I do. DurInt is being played top dollar to wreck momentum by systematically turning the ball over. The 2 don't go together.
We've been jipped. We didn't even get "moderately successful" Durant.

Chris Jones did the right thing letting Durant walk. Reed overpaid for a QB who is finished.

If RG3 would come to Canada for a two year deal (this and next) at a CFL back-up salary I would say YES!!! because to me it would signal he wants the opportunity to earn snaps and play his way back to the NFL (i.e., motivated) … but he won’t/wouldn’t.


I have a Rakeem Cato jersey, I don't expect I'll ever own a Darian DurINT jersey.


PS : anybody interested in my Cato jersey?

Premature adulation?

DurINT! That made Johnny laugh! :slight_smile:

If Johnny remembers the rules correctly, there is the 10-5 rule. A player who has beeen in the CFL for 10 years, and the last 5 with the same team, has his salary guaranteed for the whole season; if he is on the roster for game 10.

According to that, Durant's salary is not guaranteed. This is what Johnny would do. Since this team is regressing, and will most likely not make the playoffs, Johnny would cut Durant and save almost 200k.

For the rest of the season, play the young QBs (not Drew Willy) to evaluate them. See if one of them can be developed into a quality starter for the future.

Because of the respect Johnny has for Bowman and Cox (two future hall of famers in Johnny's opinion), he would let them play out the season. But, it would be their last. This team needs to get younger at many positions.

But, Durant will not be cut. As long as the Als are mathematically in the race for a playoff spot, the Wetenhalls will keep hoping everything works out... :frowning:

Darian Durant received a $225,000 signing bonus when he agreed to a 3 year deal with the Als, in early 2017; his 2017 base/remaining salary is therefore roughly $175,000. If they were to cut him, they would save roughly $88,000,no more. Won't happen.

I would cut Chip Cox first, but again it won't happen. If the player would agree, I would transfer him to the 6 game in cured list.


This was Reed's pride signing. No way he's cutting Durant yet. I would even be surprised if he was released at the end of the season if they do not make the playoffs.

According to, here are the rules:

[tr][td]Qualified as a Veteran ofEntitled to 100% salary after[tr][td]Six years or more[/td]
[td]9th Regular Season game[/td]
[tr][td]Five years[/td]
[td]10th Regular Season game[/td]
[tr][td]Four years[/td]
[td]11th Regular Season game[/td]

Nothing to do with tenure with a particular club.[/td][/tr]

Thanks for the info. Either Johnny got it confused with an older version of the agreement, or with another sport!

Actually, now that Johnny thinks about it, the 5-10 rule sounds like a baseball rule. A player can refuse a trade if he has 10 years in MLB, and 5 with the last team. Slight brain fart by Johnny!

I do hope that the Montreal fans remain of support to the team. The due has not been cast and, the team remains as a potential for a play off in the East division.

Jacory Harris has been released: