Need Bookends that can sack!

LAst year no sacks this year same old song when are our scouts going to get some pass rushers in here ? When is this crap going to stop have not had a great pass rush since Joe Montford IT'S A TOTAL JOKE :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

When has this team,in the Bob Young Era,ever evaluated talent in a proficient manner?

BRing Back #53 JOEEEEE Montford :lol:

Three are in the NFL Hickman, McIntyre and Vega whom regrettably we let go to Winnipeg.

they either leave for the NFL or we let them go outright (Ala Baggs, Peguese)
We seem quite content with playing chumps on our front 4

We need more than just bookends, we need a Defense that can RUSH, hit, tackle and intercept the football and actually hang on to it!!! I'm tired of the Tiger-Cats saying they have drafted a quality player only to have the player fall way short of expectations. I watched Hamilton losing to Edmonton i n the fourth quarter an Orlando is smiling on the sidelines, if I was the Defensive Co-Ordinator I would be freaking out trying to get my team motivated and back in the game, it sure as hell works for Corey Chamblain.

A good read and a quick release is always a remedy for pressure for the bookends. Riley read the pressure and released to the running back who was swinging out of the backfield. We have to tighten up. Also we need DB's that can actually catch the ball. So often when they are in position for the interception they drop the ball. Just giving the opposition more and more cracks at our work in progress defense. Why is it we are the only team in the CFL with DB's who cannot catch. Just like last year.

And on offense they need an “O” line that can block. The Esk D linemen were into the backfield before they could get out of their 3 point stance.

Not saying our starters are great, or even competent, but neither of them was playing yesterday. Our primary backup and our development project were playing, and showing why they’re not starters (yet?).

Exact same goes for our OTs.

In my opinion the last time we had an above average D-LINE was in the eighties when the front line consisted of Covington,Walker,Price,Skillman and Sauve .These guys were a cohesive unit for at least 5-7 years.10 sacks in the 86 Grey Cup alone,it will probably take us to Labour day to even get close to that total :lol: Come to think of it its probably the last time we had an above average d-backfield with Bennett,Streeter,Sheilds,Feilds,Rockford,Bess who set a league record for ints. in 85,Linebackers were no slouches either back then Zambiasi,F.Robinson,Ezerins....hmmmmm wonder if anybody out there has a time machine!!!! :roll: :roll: :wink: :wink:

I am right with you Bobo :slight_smile: Somehow that just doesn't sound right but anyway :slight_smile:

For some reason i don't recall Rockford ..what was his first name ..yes that dline was awesome with all stars walker and covington..i used to work out at champions next to limeridge mall back in around 1985-86 timeframe and talked to mike walker frequently ..He was one of the best .

Zambiasi may be the best linebacker to ver play in the CFL and certainly for the ticats...He is my favorite Ticat of all time and love that he made a life in hamilton after football . Pound for pund there was nothing like hin ...I can't imagine what he could do with 3 more inches in height and 25 pounds of muscle

used to love going to ticats games and watch a running back run through our dline only to see to hit a brick wall and flown backward 3 feet landing on his back 3 ..then hearing the PA ANNOUNCER SAY ' ZAMBIASI ON THE TACKLE ' ...that was a classic and often repeated fond memory

my favorte dbacks were back when they were called the BEASTS OF THE EAST

Jerry Anderson , Leroy Paul , Harold Woods , David Shaw ...I can't recall the rest ..
can anyone help ?

also the backfield of Less Bowne, Howard Fields , Lance Shileds , Paul Bennet , Mark Streeter , Bess certainly gets a close 2knd :slight_smile:

An Oklahoma Sooner, Jim Rockford played one game with the San Diego Chargers before coming to Canada. He played 5 seasons with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, winning the Grey Cup in 1986. He also played for the Edmonton Eskimos and Toronto argonauts.

8) You just beat me to that answer "smokey" :wink:
   I know you would also remember 2 great  TiCat DB's from the late 70's, who were real hard hitting great players,

   Larry Brune and Mike Nelms  !!   Where are these type of players anymore ??   The Ticats sure don't find them anymore,
   do they.
:lol: Inew my online monicker,would get a few chuckles,Jim was Rockfords first name,and he got a t.d. on a blocked punt in the 86 grey cup.I also got to know Mike Walker as well as Mitchell Price in the eighties as at the time they would frequent Garfeilds with other players after a game or on an off night.Both were great guys,who gave me the nickname of smurf :) Mike even bought and showed up at my brothers stag party,loved his silver toothed smile :) ... The big difference from today was back then there was a continuity on the roster from year to year,you knew the players and they stuck around for more than a couple of seasons.There wasnt half as much turnover as there is now,which I believe is our main problem lately,the teams here today gone tomorrow mentality.
8) I actually think they had the continuity you mentioned because the players from the old days were actually better football
   players, who meshed together with each other the longer they played together as a unit.

   Prime example was the great D Line from the mid 60's to  70,  consisting of DE Billy Ray Locklin, DT John Barrow,
    DT Angelo Mosca and the other DE Dave Viti (who also played OE).

     As you mentioned everyone in Hamilton knew all the players because they played here for years and became household
      names !!

       Ahhh, for the good old days again !!!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->