Need Advice

Hi Guys

I just moved to North Vancouver a couple weeks ago. I am on practicum as a RT student at VGH.

I have tickets to Coldplay on Sunday and I was just wondering what recommendations you guys might have for where to park in relation to BC Place?


Easy: don't. Seriously. Take the Seabus across then hop on the train to Stadium and then you have a 2 minute walk.
Parking for a major concert is $15-20.

Grims is right, take sky train. IMPARK raise their prices according to events. I wouldn't be surprised to see parking OVER $30.00. Those scumballs manipulate pricing depending on event(s) and if there is more than one event going on at one time they really "Hose" the consumer.

Ok interesting what time does public x-port shut down on a sunday night?

This'll have all the transit info you'll need.