Need advice : We are Driving from BC to see a game in Regina

Hi , long time CFL fan and need some advice .

It has been on my bucket list to experience a CFL game in Saskatchewan!

This August I was taking my 12 year old twins (son & daughter) and doing a 3 week long road trip from Vancouver through Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Where is best place to buy tickets for the Regina vs BC game on Aug 20 ? Is it difficult to get single game tickets for the family?

How to best experience the day and atmosphere in Regina that weekend and game day ?

Things we should see / do to have the best Regina / Roughrider experience?

Any particular people / group we should talk to or contact ?

Sask and BC are my two favourite CFL teams, so will be a win win for me , no matter the outcome lol .

I had some other questions as well but will start with the above first .



welcome to the CFL forums. there are plenty of sask folks here who should be able to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve done this a couple of times. This isn’t about Regina but the drive there. I would recommend taking Hwy 3/CrowsNest. After Medicine Hat you’re on Hwy #1 any way. A wonderful trip though southern BC and Alberta. AS far as the game goes, Go to the bathroom before because the line-ups can be bad. Not like the Dome. And wear your Lions Jersey with Pride. A good time is almost guaranteed.


Park at one of the several locations away from the stadium and take the free shuttle bus. The one we use is next to a Montanas, so we are all full when we get to the game. Concessions are much cheaper that way.

Don’t be shy about talking to people. Strangers will engage with you as if you’ve known them for ages. Especially if you wear green and have a modicum of football knowledge.


Good idea about the shuttle and eating before the game .

We have our tickets !

Will be staying in Regina for 3 nights in total , including game night .