Need Advice re Game Tonite

Taking a little personal poll here. Please help me.

Which would be more enjoyable for me tonite:
a. Watching the Ticat game?
b. Working on developing a syllabus for a course that I don’t want to teach this fall?

I would watch the game and see if you can pull some threads from it to work in to the syllabus. I find football can be relevant to most things in life, lol.

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I’m going for option A. for $400 Alex…

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Can’t you do both at the same time ? Like you know multitask ? :grinning:


The monkey beat me to it. Multitask dude. :wink:

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Even the class clown takes a break on Saturday, man. The reason you would take a break tonight is different than the clown’s. He wants to party, you merely want help to get a decent sleep.

Yeah… but I was asking about having FUN man.

For FUN, I would avoid both! Syllabi are best done at 2am of the morning when they are due anyway. I would watch a good movie or stream a funny crime series like Deadloch on Amazon Prime.

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