Need a W this week

That team. 3-1 has done exceptionally well on the road and without Ray.
Ottawa. above.500 @ 3-2
Montreal. at .500 @ looking for a W to get to 3-2

We need a win in Sask tomorrow, 1-3 is not horrible but its something i wasnt expecting to be at.

Austin get the ship righted!
Lets Go Cats!

At 0-4 Saskatchewan needs this win too, they're even more desperate for a win and being at home, I'd be surprised if they lose. The ticats are in tough on Sunday.

Yes we need a win this week, and if (when)we do we go 2 and 2 on this road trip to start the season.
Then we play 9 of our last 14 games at THF with 3 of the remaining 5 road games left played in the east.
Also after this win, all practices and team meetings will be held at THF now and not Mac or Jarvis,
Giving 1 more hour of practice time, and full access to weight room, film room, training room, meeting rooms, etc.

Before the season started, knowing we played four road games to begin the season, I thought we would win the east if we went 2 - 2 over those four games. I still think so, but we definitely need this W in order for that prediction to come true. They are playing a very weak Greenie D which should give Collaros lots of opportunity to score lots of points and our D leads or is close to the lead in many categories.

The "X" factor on Sunday will be Taylor Field. I hope that we score early and often to take their "14"th man out of the game. (Their "13"th man usually lines up on special teams defending against FG's :wink: ).

Big W in Regina , watch the penalties Boyz your leading that Stat! Then it's time to COME HOME Road Warriors ! :thup: :rockin:

I’m coming home
tell the World I’m coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my mistakes
I’m coming home, I’m coming home
tell the World I’m coming

The odds certainly aren't in our favour. The Cats have only won once in their last 14 regular season visits to Regina and that victory was by just a single point:

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And, in those last 13 losses, out there, the Riders have more than doubled the score on the Cats, winning by an average of 34-16.

Lets see how we match up in the 3 phases of the game

SSK- Offense is #1 in the league, Messam and Dressler are studs
HAM- Offense is no slouch, and with Gable back we could be much improved, look to vets Fantuz and Grant to have big games.
I will call it a slight edge to SSK, if not a draw on Offense

Huge advantage for HAM on this one, not even close!

Again a huge advantage, Medlock is money, Reinbold is the best and Banks and McDuffie are super dangerous

Do not let Messam and Dressler beat us, get pressure on Glenn and I like our odds to get this "W"

Probably stating the obvious but hanging on to the ball and winning the takeaway battle is key. Zach has to eliminate the INT's and the guys have to hang on to the ball when it's in their hands. The team with the fewest mistakes will win this football game! :rockin:

Yes, Ryan Agreed a Win Tonight in Regina would be GRRRRREAT!!!


Watch Glenn early on. If his feet are still and he's planted in the pocket, it's good Kevin. If his feet are moving a lot, like he's running in place, it's the bass Kevin. I noticed that when he played for us and again when he was in the GC. It's like a nervous tick or something.

Sure would BC :thup:

T minus 2 hours and counting

Lets Get This!!

Very true. Kevin 'happy feet' Glenn. Orlando bring the heat tonight.