Need a W against TO........

.....important game coming up for many reasons.......a win against TO will send a message that the Montreal game wasn't a fluke, that this team has gelled and is playing to-be-reckoned-with football.......a win puts us out a little more in front of Winnipeg and Saskatchewan, some breathing also allows us to come home with some swagger leading up to the big LDC........

........a loss and we split the road trip 1-1, we allow the BBs and Riders some catch up room and some serious questions on why you can't beat a team that only had three days rest.......not all end of the world stuff but I'll take the W over the L please.......

Better send a case of stickum along so the offense doesn't turn the ball over.

Toronto's defense is a higher class than Montreal's. Your offense MUST stay away from Turn-overs.

We should be in for one great game. I am more worried about our defense then our offense.

Like Sportsmen said, our offense needs to stay away from turnovers, and our defense needs to creat some turnovers, something I think they've been lacking a bit.

Toronto will only have three day's rest...something Calgary will defitnitley have to capitalize on.

If Stamps played like they did against the Als, Stamps will win this game. I'll be cheering for the Stamps.

We need to put a couple early hits on Allen, keep turnovers down,
and this game is ours.

Hey, Eskylo, have you forgot the Allen can take a hit. He’s not Khari Jones who gets nervous after a couple of hits. Why do you think Stamp’s let him go??

Stamps lose. Hmm now who to cheer for in the Labour Day games? Maybe a split. :?

nice call higgins. down two late and you go for one?
you're lucky TO was offside - twice! and you still couldn't get the two.
good game by two tired teams.
Tom Higgins, you make strange calls.

Chewy go to the rider forums and cry!

Way to defend your inept coach. TSN announcers couldn't even figure out what he was thinking. Edmonton made the right move tossing him to the curb.
Once again, feel free to never adress me again. Too bad the moderators didn't feel you needed to be banned for your slanderous lies that you couldn't back up (since they weren't true).
Of course, I brought all sorts of proof of what your buddy BrownOne said over at sportsnet, including degrading women and calling out posters to fight.
Oddly enough, you have no proof to back up your lies, since none exsists.
But don't let a little thing like proof get in the way of spreading lies.
I'll put my record of posting up against yours any day of the week.
Well, that's about all I can stand of talking to you. Back to strictly football talk.

Anyone else want to discuss Flanders' call to not go for two points?

Thanks Chewy for your great post. Again you are proving me right I do not wish to comment on this on this site I thought that was very clear. Brownone did mention that he was called names and you were one of them. At no time did I say Brownone was an angel but at the same time he did not deserve the treatment he received at the time. Now Like I said move on and keep showing us your lousy personality.

First off you insulted me and never answered the question about your coach.
Second, I have all sorts of proof about what you and your chum said about me (slander), while all you have is heresay.
Brownone can cry all he wants, but he's nothing but a liar. One who degrades women, to boot. That you back him up says tonnes about your character.
Ironically, it wasn't even me that got him banned. Several other posters emailed the mod over there. Too bad the mods on this site don't feel the need to crack down around here.

As for you, well, go ahead, I'm trying to talk football. Explain why a head coach would not go for 2 pts late in a game to tie?
Just another example of why Edmonton got rid of Higgins, unless you would care to enlighten football fans as to what your coach was thinking?
Feel free to respond to my FOOTBALL question/comment if you care. Or don't. I could care less either way.

Look Chewy instead of going through all of this on this site ( grand standing ) right why not PM me. I stood up bfor bronwone for one reason he was attacked because he is different. I at no time stated I stood up for the post he made. So if you wish to talk to me further PM me. I think you and I need to air this out to ourselves with out advertising if you know what I mean. By the way look up slanderous!

Hey Wooky, you can get a single point in the CFL. If the Stamps took the single on the convert that leaves them within in a single but by missing the 2 point you now need a field goal. If the stamps ended up getting the single on the missed long field goal instead of Levingston taking it back, its a tie game, and everyone would be saying Higgins made the RIGHT call. Its not hard to understand nor is it written in stone that you go for two points.

Piggy I am not saying it was a good move. And yes if Higgens knew the result was going to be a touchdown the other way then things would be different right. I have seen Wally Bouno make calls like this too. All coaches screw up once in a while. By the way Piggy as a fan of the Bombers how do feel about the only team to lose to the Tcats ( sorry had to state that).
I do not think anyone is questioning what was going on with that call. But big deal we lost we move on to the next game. You take one game at a time. At this point I like Calgary's chances versus the blue and gold but again there is lots of football to be played.

Take Care

Wookie what the heck can you not do better then that piggy I am disappointed wookie! Take care Barbie!