Need a QB/Athlete?

Boo Jackson is on the market. Not just a regular kid trying to get to the next level, but a definite football player that could do a lot for many teams with his QB abilities. PLAYMAKER!

Played 2 seasons with the Ohio University Bobcats; Definitely something to take a look at.

4,446 Passing Yards 38 Tds 29 ints
699 Rush Yards 9 Tds
2 Receptions 68 yards 1 Td

Along with Junior College Stats from El Camino Junior College in Gardena, California of:

4,620 Passing Yards 41 Tds 10 Ints

Below you can find the links to my highlight film, they all start the same for the first 10 seconds but it is different film after that. Copy and paste in your URL if not able to click it. (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

I took this from his Facebook page online and did not think of re-wording his words. These are his highlights, not mine, although I wish they were :wink:

...we are chock full of QBs, thanks...

just for boredom sakes on my day off i looked up this qb. went undrafter, doesnt sound liek any NFL team wants him. prolly end up in the arena league(if it runs this year). the funniest thing about looking him up was that he got cold cocked in a bar fight in november of 2010. quite funny. after watching some of his highlights, i dont think you would ever see him on a CFL roster. my opinion. much happier with sinoppili. weird that someone was advertising him on a stampeders web forum.