need a new team

The Ticats are officially leaving Hamilton and I refuse to support them from here on.I'm refunding my season tickets and selling my gear and getting a new team.The problem is I don't know where to go from here....

Whats the news? link? [url=] ... mayor.html[/url]

I don't see anything official yet

If this is legit and not just posturing - it is the worst news for the CFL that one could imagine. Politicians always think they know better and make decisions in spite of knowledgeable advisors suggesting the opposite of what they are planning. Who knows maybe payola is involved as well. Whatever the case let us hope that logic prevails and an amicable solution for the Ti-Cats can be worked out.

I feel for all the Hamilton fans and the city of Hamilton. I don't know what to think at this point and I guess the only thing for me is to just see how this plays out as the day/s move forward. Speaking of finding a new team: Back in 2006 when the Lions had that QB controversy with Printers and Dickenson drove me nuts. Anyway when I went to Alberta for work purposes (Slave Lake) in 2008, I went to my first game in Commonwealth and enjoyed my whole time while there and thus the Eskimo's became my team of choice. I'm in B.C. at the moment and come September I just may find myself back in Banff Alberta.

There must be a veritable windfall of cash for the City coming out of that WH site if they are prepared to lose the football team over it ?

Somebody needs to start checking someones bank account for large anonymous deposits. :lol:

I'm still waiting on a little bit more confirmation, but as of right now i'm still leaning towards a new team new gear and refunding my season tix.Need some team suggestions, thanks.

Test..., that is disturbing news, DefCon4 has been declared so it would seem.....

...can someone help me out by describing where this West Harbour site is?...I'm aware of the East Mountain area and Confederation Park (how you go about fitting a stadium between the highway and the waterfront though, I dunno) but I'm not exactly sure where a stadium would go 'near downtown towards the waterfront'...Bayfront Park, Dundurn Park, Eastwood Park, am I even close with any of these areas?...

This quite literally is a no-win scenerio for both the team and the city.

All I can say is wow... :?

It's right across the train tracks from Bayfront Park, at the old Rheem property, and, despite some propaganda you may have heard, is in fact larger in size than the East Mountain site.


I really can't believe it.

um...sensationalize much?

Since the Ottawa stadium won't be available until 2013 and Quebec City has 12,000 seat stadium with NO lighting, it's safe to say he means folding the team.

The “West Harbor” stretches from the pier of were the “Heida” is docked.
To the foot of Dundern castle, Pier 4 and pier 9 i beleive have had substancial remeediation work done and are a popular place for families to picnic,Shela Cops once swam there and declared it safe to swim!!. The Proposed stadium site would be at the west end just east of Dundern, It would overlook the pier 4 and pier 9 parks! Completing the remediation work begun 30 years ago. As well as being central for access and parking with public transit and Go train service.

West access via York blvd
East access via likely access road from site to Wellington st.

In case of emergency, I recommend the Riders for the following reasons:

  1. you can go to any cfl city and feel like you are rooting for the home team
  2. it doesn't matter how much you drink, people will expect that of you
  3. other people, even total strangers, wearing green will always smile and wave, and talk football with you.
  4. we seem to be going through an "up" period at the moment, which, historically, is a bit rare
  5. even with 12 guys on the field already, there is always room for one more :lol: (had to, sorry)

But in all seriousness, I hope you don't give up on your team. Whatever the stadium outcome, if fans abandon and leave Ivor Wynne empty for the rest of the year, there will be no team to watch, move, or support. If people could take the same passion they have shown in this debate and put it into the stands, it may just inspire the players to give you one hell of a show..

Here's to Ti-Cats gear NOT becoming mere collectable memorabilia.

Why would the CFL not step in and try to find a new owner for the Ti-Cats, like they did a few years back?
I understand the league's philosophy of standing behind it's owners, but this hard-line commitment to Bob Young's position amounts to stabbing Hamilton fans in the back. That this occurs after a time when local support for the Ti-Cats has been growing is extremely disheartening. I guess the CFL is like other pro leagues. When the chips are down, this is not our league.

Wow... Blows my friggin' mind to imagine a day without the Ti-Cats in the CFL!!! I hope this never happens, but I am supportive of Bob Young. The Pan Am bid was put forth with the understanding that the Cats would be a big part of it (the stadium)... With their concerns being ignored, it seems that Bob & the Cats has reached the end of their collective rope. Whatever happens here, I hope the Cats don't close up shop.