Need a more Favourable schedule

I love the Riders and the CFL. Problem is we have to travel a fair distance to games. If the Riders games are not on Saturdays, we are forced to either leave work early on a Friday or go to work Monday on a small amount of sleep. The older I get, the tougher it is. A sneek peek of the 2007 Rider Schedule has only 3 Home Saturday Games and 2 on the Road I believe..

Not only that our season Opener is on Sunday July 8th at 5pm...

I work at Midnight Monday morning... So much for trying to load up a Fan Bus to the Home Opener, that's if I even make the trip now...

Worse part is, if it's not a big crowd, our dedication to the team is questioned..

Who is it , the schedule maker or the Rider Brass, who does not realize the amount of distance travelled by probably 50% of the fans for EACH home game...

so you would prefer saturday afternoons/evenings?

As long as it's a Saturday..It really does not matter...

...oh well, no harm in wishing...

While I am very sympathetic (heck a Sunday night game plays havoc with Monday morning work). The reality is that far less than 50% of the people going to Taylor Field are from more than an hour away. More like in the 10 - 15% range.

Toon which has the largest non Regina season ticket holders has less than 500 season ticket holders.

Now out of town people are important, heck one guy that sits in front of me comes to every game from Calgary, usually by car. I know another that drives from Kimberley BC for most games, so yes it is important to arrange a sched that meet many needs.

I also suspect that the requirements of TSN have a major impact on when games are played.

I do agree that TSN probably plays a BIG role in determining each teams schedule, but I would be curious to see what the average attendance has been for previous years Riders Saturday Night Games versus Fri Day / Sunday Games around that time of year.

....the schedule is never determined on the basis of which teams have fans driving whatever distances to attend...not a factor at all nor should it be....

Have to disagree somewhat, a schedule should take into account the ability of it audiance to attend.

As to Bads comments, A quick look at last years figures Show the highest average for attendance at TF was on Sunday (26,525) , Friday (25,329) next and Saturday third (24,546).

Now just looking at one year does not really provide a great perspective as it does not take into account things like weather, which team was playing, time of year, etc.

I would not mind a few Friday Night games during the season. It is one of my nights off (the other being Thursday), so to attend more games I would have to switch days around, and in my case , it seems that pulling teeth would be less painless :x , so its why I dont have season tickets other than the cost. If the games on Saturday or Sunday are during the day like 1 or 2 pm start times, then its not so bad(I work graveyard shifts), but those are on my wishlist.

....basically yes, that is why there are no games scheduled for 4 a.m. on Tuesday mornings....but one team's ability (or inability) to put bums in seats based on preferential days is going to mean other teams have to take less preferential days to balance the schedule....a schedule should be first and foremost fair to all teams and if this can be accomplished AND those teams with far away fans get preferred days then great, a win win scenario, but the latter should not over-ride the former...

Sunday afternoon’s baby…nothing like sitting in Taylor Field on a warm summer day watching a game and kicking back with a few cold ones!

I Agree With You R&W On That Fact. But The CFL Has Always Been A Gate Driven League. A Few Years Back Toronto And Montreal Would Always Have Their Home Games Before Labour Day On Weekdays Then After Labour Day The Games Would Be On Sundays Because A Large Percentage Of
Their Fans Would Spend Their Weekends In The Summer At The Cottage, So The Scedual Took This In Consideration.

Why Then Shouldn't The Schedual Try To Benifit The Ticket Sales Of All Teams Rather Then What TSN Wants. For Example There's No Reason Why Saskatchewan Can't Play Most Of Their Home Games On Saterdays. The Only Games That Would Be An Exemption To This Would Be When Toronto/Montreal Come To Vist As Their Away Games Are Useally Friday Night Football Games.

I'd Actually Prefer To Have More Saterday Games Because I Have Less To Do On Saterdays. I Can't Think Of Any Other Teams That Would Be Better To Have Saterday Games, Maybe BC So Then When They're Playing An Eastern Team The Game Isn't Played At 10:00 EST Or 4:00 PST On A Friday.

Bad example, having some teams voluntarily play on weekdays HELPS the other teams have good schedules. Sask playing only on saturdays HURTS the other teams

I don't know Red, Thursday night games are bad for attendance out here. Remember those commutes from Mission, Maple Ridge, Chilliwack? Now, people in Chilliwack can watch the games at home because they are outside the black out area. If its Friday night or Saturday, you would get probably another 3000 people or more.

I want Sask playing Saturday games, the only Saturday game I want to see in Winnipeg is the Banjo Bowl after Labour day when those Green Priders ride into Town.

Winnipeg can play on saturdays all TSN wants just not at home except for the Banjo Bowl.

won't two of your sunday rider games be on Holidays(or 3)
there is canada day weekend, August long and Labour day that are all sunday options(Labour day is on Sunday)

Like isn't the Home opener on canada day weekend?(if it's June 30th) so where is the problem unless your job doesn't give you the day off.(which most people do have off except those in the health care field)

Give those weekend games to other teams for home games.

one of BC, Calgary or Edmonton need to be at home each week for the second of the double header friday. once every 2-3 weeks two will need to play at home meaning either a sunday game or two double headers.

I would like to See Edmonton have the double headers as much as possible because I like Watching games at Commonwealth, it's nice to see a CFL stadium with 40K people in it.

ive said this for a long, start every cfl game at 3pm local, so you could have a double-header on tv, with a 3pm east coast game, and a 6pm west coast game(3pm paciific)

SO what even the weekday games?

What about us in Toronto who actually work till 5 and can't make the 3:00 PM Games :stuck_out_tongue:

ohh well if that does happen i'll call in sick or something

I'm a Winnipegger and I sure as hell don't want thursday games. Seriously if you think one team is going to get all of the Saturday games then think again. The Bombers have had a pretty crappy schedule for the past two seasons. We deserve some extra weekend games this year.

Not during the week.

Us retirees could go, but the working people would have something to say about it!

CFL 07 sched is supposed to be out by the end of this week.

source: ticat ticket guy.