Need a GC ticket lanyard

So, after booking tickets a year in advance, spending so far untold amounts of cash, traveling 1000s of miles, and searching every CFL kiosk we could find, we were only able to find one lanyard for our collectible and framable tickets as, unbelievably, they are all sold out. I can't understand why this happened, or why advanced purchasers didn't get one for each ticket, or at the very least a coupon for one.

The CFL has done a fantastic job, but sadly whoever ordered lanyards seriously dropped the ball.

Anyway, I need an official lanyard. If anybody has one for sale please let me know. We can hook either before or during the game. Thanks!

At the Vanier Friday night there were guys outside the stadium selling them. Not sure how "official" they might be, but if you can't find anything inside check the hustlers outside the Dome.

If you're planning to get the lanyard as a means to display the ticket in the future, another alternative is the frames that are being offered for sale. Have to order them from Frameworth, but they come with a game day 8x10 photo, plaque and a place for your ticket. Have them on display at the Dome.