Need a backup running back in there!!!

Ok i noticed we only have DeAndra Cobb listed as our lone running back. Hes really good overall and im sure he can do the job but lets just say that some fluke he was to get injured...with no backup running back playing against Montreal who do we put in....John Williams?? Darcy Brown? a little concerned..

Why not put even Kenton Keith in?? Like i mean, we had so many running backs and there all STILL injured...thats frustrating to say the least.


8) We're lucky to have a healthy Cobb, considering the health of our other running backs !!
  At least Cobb has shown that he is tough and durable (so far anyway).

  Tre Smith had ankle surgery last week, and is done for the year, and for the 100th time reported 

  on here, Kenton Keith will not play football again this year  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   Considering that Caulley has only played in 2 games this year, and is on the limp again, I doubt if

    he will even be back here next season, since he will be at the end of his current contract at the end

    of this season  !!

     If Cobb were to be injured during Sundays game, I would imagine his replacement would be 

     John Williams.